• Best Hashtags to Attract Customers to Your Business

Best Hashtags to Attract Customers to Your Business

There is infinite power in the use of hashtags—they help you to discover new content, communities, and customers. The rise of hashtags on social media has opened up a new means of attracting an audience to your social media pages and created a way to make your content stand out. Hashtags can be used to identify your product or service through branded hashtags, get found online with location or industry hashtags, or as a way to segment your target audience with more descriptive hashtags. While everyone uses hashtags from time to time, the ones you want to use for your professional social media pages are very different than the ones you might use in your daily life. Here are some of the best hashtags to use to attract customers to your business.

Best Hashtags to Attract Customers to Your Business

5 Types of Hashtags to Use to Attract New Customers

Local Hashtags

If your small business has a local presence, one of the most important ways to capitalize on that is by using location-specific hashtags. Local hashtags will help you get more exposure by allowing you to get found by nearby customers. For example, if you operate a restaurant in the greater Boston area, #bostonfoodies is popular.

If you include this hashtag under pictures of your plated meals, restaurant activities, or guided recipes, you are guaranteed to gain a local following that is valuable to expanding your customer base. If you operate a salon in New York City, adding #nychairstylist at the end of your social posts and in the captions of your photos will help to make new clients aware of your presence. More examples:

  • #LAphotographer – Get your professional photos seen by potential clients
  • #Shopboston – Show your followers your gorgeous products
  • #SeattleSpa – Help locals find a relaxing spot to decompress
  • #PortlandFashion – Display your boutique items in an attractive flat lay
  • #NYCfitness
  • #Chicagobraider
  • #StLouisbrunch

Action Hashtags

If your small business provides a service, a great way to display that is by using an action-based hashtag. If you teach swimming lessons, #Learntoswim would be an excellent hashtag to include in your social media content. These type of actionable hashtags are great for those who are seeking for quick explanations. This same format can be used for almost any industry, such as the food industry. If you teach cooking classes, #learntocook or #cookwithme are both hashtags that will draw an audience of clients seeking your services. More examples:

  • #getoutofdebt
  • #dietmakeover
  • #workforyourself
  • #findajob
  • #improveyourfitness
  • #learntosail
  • #cleanwithoutchemicals

“Bragging” Hashtags

These types of hashtags are popular, especially if you are showing how the product actually lives up to its hashtag hype. If you add #bestseller or #perfectsunscreen to your caption, make sure your image pairs up with those claims, such as a  customer testimonial, a video of the product showing it’s best properties, or an infographic. Make sure your promotional claims ring true and add personality to your posts. Flattering and genuine posts will attract customers to your business through the use of relevant “bragging” hashtags. More examples:

  • #bestseller
  • #awardwinner
  • #customerfavorite
  • #customerschoice

Promotional Hashtags

Everyone loves a good sale, and a great way to play up any upcoming discounts is by utilizing the promotion in the hashtag. #freesamples, #sale, and #BOGO are all popular hashtags that will attract an audience looking for steals and deals. If you are hosting a social media contest, you can also use hashtags like #Contest or #Giveaway to help promote your discount. Your hashtag might be related to your business, the industry in general, the day of the week, or something seasonal. More examples:

  • #summersale
  • #bostondeals
  • #columbusdaysale
  • #tuesdaydiscount
  • #sidewalksale

Descriptive Hashtags

Use hashtags to describe your business, services, or products, such as with the generic name of a branded item or a description of it. For example, if you are an interior designer that specializes in renovating kitchens, a popular hashtag to add to your social content could be #kitchendesign, #kitchensofinstagram, or #kitchenrenovation. These descriptive hashtags will help to draw a relevant audience to your page, and ideally convert into customers. More examples:

  • #behindthescenes
  • #househunting
  • #finanicalfreedom
  • #workouttime
  • #seizetheday
  • #gymrat
  • #personaltraining
  • #bathroomdecor

Custom Hashtags

According to a recent study, 7 out of 10 hashtags used by businesses are branded, meaning they are specific to that business, brand, service, or product (Source: Sprout Social). Custom hashtags are a great way to make you stand out and appear more brand-focused.

Branded hashtags also help followers to get more familiar with you and help turn leads into customers. An example of a branded hashtag is the Patagonia #WhatsInYourBaggies movement, where “Baggies” wearers (a Patagonia style of short) are encouraged to post photos of themselves in unique and inspiring locations in their baggies for the chance to be reposted. Not only has this hashtag become popular amongst Patagonia enthusiasts, but it has also helped to spread brand awareness to those unfamiliar with the style. More examples:

  • #ShareACoke (CocaCola)
  • #PutACanOnIt (Red Bull)
  • #TweetFromTheSeat (Charmin)
  • #MyCalvins (Calvin Klein)
  • #IceBucketChallenge (ALS)

Charitable Hashtags

Another great way to relate to customers is by using charitable hashtags—ones not necessarily related directly to your business, but to missions, charities, or causes that you are involved in. If your business donates a portion of sales to a local mission, be sure to use the hashtag for that organization when mentioning them in your content. For example, if you or your employees participate in the Project Bread walk, use the hashtag #walkforhunger when including related content on your social media. Other examples:

  • #donateblood
  • #helpthehomeless
  • #randomactsofkindness
  • #makeadifference
  • #cancerawareness
  • #support

Relatable Hashtags

What better way to relate to your audience through hashtags that resonate with them? Here are some examples:

  • #onlyin[your city or town]
  • #mondaysbelike
  • #thatfeelingwhen
  • #workoutwoes
  • #whenyoucantsleep
  • #overtiredmomsbelike


Hashtags will help you get your content seen by a much wider audience than if you just used social media without them. Use hashtags like the ones in this blog post to attract new customers and increase your sales!



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