• Benefits of Social-Local-Mobile (SoLoMo) Marketing

Did you know that 63% of all web traffic is mobile? (Source: Stone Temple). Optimizing your marketing tactics for mobile is necessary for any business looking to grow today—and “mobile” cannot exist independent of “social” and “local”. In this post we’ll unpack the concept of social-local-mobile marketing and then piece it back together in a way that you can apply to your small business.

Benefits of Social Local Mobile Marketing

The Social-Local-Mobile Connection

So how did SoLoMo come to be? More and more mobile apps and devices are becoming available to us today and commanding our attention. Furthermore, social media and mobile adoption rates have been almost intertwined, amplifying one another’s growth.

This increase of social and mobile has also caused another aspect of the consumer experience to increase: local. We use our mobile devices to find businesses near us—whether on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, and whether we’re at home on the couch, waiting in line at the grocery store, or on the bus heading to work.

We use social media sites because they have location-based search features, advanced filtering, as well as information we have come to rely on: reviews written by customers just like us. Then, our use of those apps provides the data needed to improve the very search, customization, and targeting capabilities that keep us coming back for more. The concepts of social, local, and mobile have become intertwined—hence the term “SoLoMo”.

Applications of SoLoMo

No matter which one you put first, you can’t focus on one without the others. For example:


The content you share via social media should be optimized for mobile devices. Think about the links you share in your posts—are those pages mobile-friendly? The ads you are running—are you targeting your local community?


Your mobile marketing strategy, which automatically implies social media, must target your local audience. Social media gives us the power to reach across the globe, but attaining a large following of people who have nothing in common and no reason to use your business will not help your growth.


Your local marketing tactics cannot be done without social media platforms, and social media platforms are used on mobile devices more than desktop.

The Benefits of SoLoMo for Small Business

Given the inevitable integration of social, local, and mobile, it’s therefore necessary that your local business marketing strategy includes social media adoption and mobile optimization. Read on to further understand how a SoLoMo approach will facilitate the growth of your small business.

Reach Your Audience Efficiently

Social media is not just for the younger generations anymore. More than half of the US population (61%, Source: Statista) is on social media—which makes it highly likely that a portion of your audience is reachable on there. The most efficient way to get exposure for your business is to reach people where they already are, and social media is that mutually convenient location.

Show up First for Searches

Not only are we using mobile to access social media, but we are also accessing social media on those devices for a significant period of time. In fact, one-third of our time on mobile is spent on a social app (Source: InPowered). Therefore it is crucial to not just create social media profiles or get registered on review sites, but to optimize each listing with complete, accurate, and consistent information as well as with fresh customer reviews. The more up-to-date and informative your profiles are, the higher you will rank in searches being performed by your ideal customers.

Convert Leads and Customers More Quickly

Social media sites like Facebook began on desktops only, but are now just as—if not more—common on mobile devices. Some apps, such as Instagram are only fully functional on mobile. Desktops today are reserved for work and tasks that require multiple windows or extensive typing, while phones are the go-to for simply consuming and discovering content.

Today, 2.9 billion social media users access their networks via mobile apps (Source: Forbes). This means that when people are on social media, they are most likely on their phones, so catering your calls to action, outreach language, and linked content for mobile is a must.

The more convenient you make it for people to engage with your business on an already convenient device, the more willing they’ll be to become leads and customers.

Expand Your Reach

Social media used to just be a platform for connecting with family and friends and expressing your interests. Now, with hashtags, targeted ads, location tags, groups, business profiles, customer reviews, and advancing search capabilities, platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become search engines themselves. People can find just about anything they need without having to consult Google—sometimes without even having to search at all, as machine learning and data collection has allowed for advanced targeting and customized recommendation capabilities.

This means that the more marketing opportunities you seize within each social media channel and review site—such as through list optimization, review collection, and paid advertising— the more likely you are to not only get found by people searching for you, but also to get discovered by people who didn’t even know they needed you.

Get Chosen Over Competitors

While recommendation capabilities are at an all-time high, people aren’t always just stumbling across information—they are seeking out and comparing business to meet their specific needs. In fact, social media is used as part of purchasing decisions in at least 52% of US households, which is up 12% since 2014 (Source: Nielsen).

The more a consumer can learn about you, the more you will appeal to them over your competitors. The more reviews you have, the more you will be chosen over your competitors. Where is it easy to get information and reviews? Company pages on social media and review sites, which provide a snapshot of your business easy to consume on a mobile device.

SoLoMo Sum-Up

Solomo is not going anywhere. Your marketing strategy must have a three-pronged approach that includes social, local, and mobile. To sum things up, make sure to use your social media and review listings to:

  • Show your value through posting content
  • Validate your capabilities through positive customer reviews
  • Optimize your profiles and listings for filtered searches
  • Use all opportunities within each channel—from free posting to paid advertising

As a result, you will

  • Become visible in front a vast audience
  • Show up for searches related to your business
  • Get discovered by people without them having to know about your business
  • Earn already-happy customers
  • Get chosen over your competitors

Free SoLoMo Tool

Are you looking to harness the full potential of social-local-mobile marketing? Try Perch by ThriveHive! Our free app guides local businesses in improving their online visibility and reputation through social media and review sites.


Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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