• Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

Between the time commitment, generating content, and understanding platform-specific terminology, having multiple social media accounts can seem overwhelming. The great thing about social media is that not only can you build and interact with your audience, improve your credibility, and expand your visibility, you can also directly track how effective your pages actually are! Below you will gain insight as to how you can most adequately allocate your time and effort for social media marketing, as well as quantify your progress.

Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

Build an Active Audience

Gaining an active audience won’t happen overnight – this relationship is something that needs to be built and nurtured over time. By having a strong social media presence you’re providing the opportunity for your business to engage in a strong dialogue with your customers. This dialogue is the key to building customer loyalty and strengthening rapport with your customers. This dialogue will be the outlet with which your customers can leave reviews and give you the chance to reply so they know that their voices are heard and matter to you.

Building an active audience will also come from actively posting on your social media accounts and keeping your audience engaged through the use of real-time updates of your business. Whether you’re using Snapchat to post short videos or photos or showing an event on Facebook Live, posting periodic updates on social media will ensure that your business will remain at the forefront of your audience’s minds and at the top of their news feeds.

Reach More Potential Customers

Today almost everyone is on social media, and businesses should be, too. To get your widest reach, consider creating accounts on the most popular platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. On Twitter and Instagram, you will be prompted to add a bio in your profile. Take advantage of this opportunity, as it provides the perfect place for your to provide a link to direct potential customers to your website. By including your business’s website, you’re not only using the platform to interact with your customers in a more personal setting, you’re providing lead generation techniques that drive customers directly to your website.

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Engage with Customers

There are many different ways to increase customer loyalty for your business. These include:

  • Responding to customer comments and reviews
  • Reposting customer photos
  • Commenting on photos and posts your business has been tagged in

Taking the time to respond to customer comments shows your customers that their input is valued. This will make your audience feel more connected to your company and encourage them to continue leaving feedback that they know doesn’t go unnoticed.

Save Time Marketing

Social media marketing helps you save time marketing by being able to share customer posts, repost customer photos, and repost your past content as a #throwbackthursday. By reposting customer photos, known as consumer generated content, you’re not only strengthening the relationship with your customers, you’re also saving time and money! Using consumer generated content saves you from having to spend time and money brainstorming and executing original content that may or may not give you the results you’re looking for.

If your audience has used your business’s unique hashtag or tagged your company’s name or location in a photo or text post, like and comment on it! If someone took their time to give you some publicity by tagging your business, the least you can do is return the favor. It takes almost no time for you, and has a great impact by making your customer feel valued and excited about buying from your company.

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Promote Your Business

Social media makes it easier than ever for you to instantly promote your new products or services. Do you have a new product launching? Promote the product by giving sneak peaks on Snapchat in the weeks leading up to the launch. On the day of the launch, live stream a video of you with the new product on Facebook Live, and use Instagram to post photos from the release.

Whether you’re participating in a craft or trade show, hosting a home show, or participating in another event, creating and sharing a Facebook event for that day is essential. Sharing the Facebook event allows your audience to hit “going” on the official event page, which will then show up on their respective news feeds so their friends will see. By your company sharing the page, it starts a domino effect that expands your reach to multiple degrees of separation.

Low-Cost Advertising

Relative to a platform such as Google AdWords, posting content and advertisements on social media provides a successful method of inexpensive advertising. Facebook advertisements are established through the use of Facebook campaigns are priced based upon the amount of engagement and how long the advertisements are running.Before you start creating an ad, think about the different types of Facebook advertisements that are available for your business. Even if you don’t want to invest money in paid ads right away, building your audience on various social media platforms will still prove to be useful for your business’s visibility and overall credibility.

A useful tool for businesses is to have tracked links on their social media pages so you can see how many leads you’re getting from specific platforms. In analyzing this data, you’ll get a better idea of where to allocate your time and money for future advertisements and posts.

Social media advertising is taking over the traditional marketing tactics and audiences are now looking online to find new businesses and special deals. Not every social media platform will work for every company, so know your audience and what platforms will appeal to them. If you’re unsure or still trying to gauge your audience, a safe place to start is on Facebook because of how many people have accounts and how easy it is for you to track your results.

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