• Benefits of Location-Based Marketing for Small Business

Location-based marketing focuses on reaching your target audience in the right place. It is not a new practice, as people have always known to strategically focus on particular locations that are ideal for their business. What is new is the efficacy of location-based marketing, as well as the ability of anyone to do it— not just the tech savvy or large businesses.

With the rise of mobile devices, internet accessibility, and targeting technology, your business can now take advantage of location-based marketing. Now that you know the how, it’s time to explore the why. This post will cover the benefits of location-based marketing for small business

Benefits of location based marketing


Examples of Location Based Marketing

While location-based marketing is about reaching people in a specific location, this location doesn’t just refer to the area around your business. Hyperlocal marketing is effective, but there are many other places that your target audience members can be, and be equally likely to engage with your business. In addition to the geographic radius around your business location, there are other locations that are important to your business growth. These include:

Locations your target audience frequents.

For example, photographers who do child and baby portraits might ask to hang their work in a pediatrician’s office. Hair salons might post tutorials on Instagram and include their location tag in the post.

Locations your target audience will be most likely to need your product or service.

As an online example, laundry services might run Facebook ads with discounts in zip codes that contain college campuses or post flyers in college laundry rooms. An offline marketing example would be massage therapists offering free chair massages at a local charity 5k (and handing out their business cards).

Locations your target audience will be most likely to engage with your business and/or become a lead.

Dog sitters might place flyers up at a dog park or attend a meet-up for dog lovers. People may not need the service at that moment, but they are with their dog and may be more likely to take a business card or sign up for an email list while at that location.

Online Locations

Keep in mind also that location-based marketing isn’t limited to just geographic location. It can also apply to online locations as well, such as by reaching your target audience on the social media platforms and online applications they frequent most.

Benefits of Location Based Marketing

Location-based marketing helps your small business to grow in many ways. Here are a few benefits of location-based marketing.

Attract More Customers

Location-based marketing enables you to reach the right people, at the right time, in the right place. Similar to real-time marketing, you can get in front of people at the time when they will actually need your product or service. Or, you can reach people at a time when they will be most receptive to other offers of your business and become a lead.

Deepen Your Connection With Your Target Audience

When targeting a people in a specific location, you can cater your content to characteristics people share in that area. Catered content resonates more with people and helps them to feel more connected to your business. In addition, content that is specific to their circumstances will show that you are knowledgeable of the people and their area, which can foster trust.

Boost Engagement and Response Rates

Another benefit of location-based marketing is that it can boost engagement. Not only will people appreciate catered content, they are more likely to engage with it. Whether this means calling a number on a postcard, downloading a piece of content relevant to their area, or engaging with your social media posts, location-based marketing can encourage more activity among your target audience. More engagement with your business can mean more sales, but can also mean greater online visibility and increased brand awareness.

Better Return on Investment

Sometimes, it’s not about doing more of a particular marketing activity, it’s about doing the same amount of that marketing activity but getting more out of it. Whether it’s more leads, engagement, customers, etc., location-based marketing can maximize your marketing activities, yielding a better return on the investment of your time, effort, money, or other resources.

Chances are, you are already doing some form of location-based marketing for your small business. Hopefully, this post has opened your mind to new ideas and new opportunities to improve your marketing through location.

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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