• Benefits of Instagram Direct Messaging

Benefits of Instagram Direct Messaging

There are many ways to use Instagram Direct messages for reaching your small business goals. You can ask for feedback, notify contest winners, provide special deals, and reveal exclusive updates. You can target individuals or groups of up to 15 people. However, there may be more to Instagram Direct messaging than you think. With some additional effort and the right approach, you can maximize the value you get out of this feature. This post goes over some of the deeper ways your business can grow through Instagram Direct messaging, so you can reap the benefits of social media for your business.

Benefits of Instagram Direct MessagingBenefits of Instagram Direct Messaging

1. Perform Test Runs

Before launching a new product, service, or campaign, use Instagram Direct messaging to test it out on loyal customers that you know will provide honest feedback. You could even use this method to come up with your new item. Present your followers with a few services and ask them which one they’d be more likely to choose or buy. Or, ask them for feedback on how to improve an existing product or service. Not only will this provide you with important insights before making decisions, it will enhance your relationship with these customers, making them feel as valued as they make you feel.

2. Learn About Your Ideal Followers

Another one of the benefits of Instagram Direct messaging is that you can gain valuable information about your customers and target audience. If there are followers who direct message you frequently, pay attention to their messages and try to pick up on patterns. What kind of jargon do they use? Do they include emojis? These are your most engaged followers, so adopting their communication style in other areas—such as in your SEM ad copy or business blog— can help you to resonate with other people who will be likely to engage.

You can also visit the profiles of users who engage with you via Instagram Direct messaging. Take a look at their interests, what they’re posting about, what their interests are, what hashtags they are using, and who they follow to learn even more about who you are targeting.

3. Provide Better Customer Service

Instagram is not just a channel for puppy posts and beautiful scenery. Instagram users use the platform to express all of their emotions, including negative ones. A disgruntled customer might post photo or screenshot, with a caption that tells about a negative experience with a business. With Instagram Direct messaging, you can effectively respond to the negative review by reaching out to that customer on the platform they are currently using, allowing you to get in touch with them faster and have a private dialogue to resolve the issue.

In other cases, users may not wish to publicize their discontent, but still want to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Another one of the benefits of Instagram Direct messaging is that customers can reach out to your business directly, which may be faster than email, calling, or a customer support form submission.

4. Better Networking

It is a common practice to send follow up emails to people you encountered at networking events. You might want to nurture an existing relationship by saying it was nice to catch up, follow up with a new contact you made, or reach out to a speaker that provided their social handle.

Email may be the go-to channel for this, but why not try Instagram Direct messaging? Include a photo from the event, a relevant hashtag, or refer to a particular moment that stuck out to you. Another networking benefit of Instagram Direct messaging comes from the group messaging feature. You can connect with a group of people you met at an event, and even make introductions to people within that group. Just be sure to follow Instagram Direct messaging best practices and use group messaging wisely.

5. Enhance Relationships with Clients

The last of the benefits of Instagram Direct messaging is that of creating deeper connections with your clients through more personalized messaging. For example, rather than posting a picture and a general thank you to all of your customers, you can send individual thank you’s to new clients after their first purchase. Get creative with Instagram Direct messaging, by sending holiday greetings, coupons, content, and offers tailored to individual customer needs. This is an especially good practice to use with your niche market.

Rather than providing a small glimpse of who you are to a large number of people, use Instagram Direct messaging to provide a thorough glimpse of who you are to a select group of people. You’d be surprised at how effective they can be in spreading the word about your business.

With the aesthetic and influential power of images, your business can benefit from Instagram. Take things a step further with Instagram Direct messaging and strengthen both your network and your business!

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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