• Back to School: Digital Marketing 101


With Labor Day in the rear-view mirror and the kids heading back to classes, now’s the perfect time to take a fresh look at your digital marketing knowledge.

If you’re a little hazy on the details, it’s time to shake the cobwebs loose and go back to school with Digital Marketing 101.

What are the tools of the trade and how should you be using them? From basic introductions to technical best practices and how-to’s, we’ve got you covered with your online marketing refresher course to kick off your fall season.

Intro to Online Presence

Your online presence is more than just your professionally-designed website. From online directories to review sites, your business exists in more places online than you may realize. When your business can be written about by people other than you, it’s important to stay on top of your presence and control the conversation.

Search 101: SEM and SEO Essentials

These days, search engines rule the world when it comes to finding a business (and being found). It’s good to know the ins and outs of a Search Engine Results Page to help boost your business’ position when customers are looking for your services in your local area.

Basics of Display & Retargeting

You have a target customer demographic, and you know they’re out there. But how do you get their attention and let them know you’re here? Banner ads! From news sites to blogs and everywhere in between, you can place your display ad where potential customers will see it around the web. And once they’ve visited your site, you can bring them back to make the sale with a well-crafted retargeting campaign!

Advanced Marketing Technologies

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you might be ready to explore other exciting marketing tools and tricks. Why not explore a brand new social network all the kids are using or try taking your advertising the next level with video ads? The digital world is your oyster.

It’s back to school and back to business with September now underway. Make sure you’re up to speed and ready to dig into your digital marketing this fall!

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