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One of the features that distinguishes Google My Business from other online directories is the ability to post to your profile as you would with social media. Keeping customers informed about your events, news, and special offers helps them to make better decisions as they browse. With Perch’s latest release, you can now post to your Google My Business profile directly from the app. Read on to understand how it works and why posting to Google is important.

Post to Google Directly from Perch

Why this new feature?

Perch has always encouraged posting to Google, but before this release, we’ve had to send our users to the Google My Business platform to do so. Now, Perch users can fulfill this recommendation without having to leave the app, and therefore reap the benefits of Google posting more conveniently than ever.

This feature also supports Perch’s goal of sparing you the mental energy so you can stay focused on running your business. With the built-in reminders, prompts, and example posts, you don’t have to ponder over what to write or even remember to post in the first place! Read on to learn more.

How it works

First, Perch will remind you to post to your Google My Business profile.

Once you select that option, Perch will guide you through completing the task.

perch google post create new post

You can start from scratch with your own text and image, or use one of our examples. Here’s what it will look like if you want to create your own:

perch google post examples hidden

If you choose to go with one of our examples, it will look something like this:

perch google post example shown with image

You’ll also be able to add in a call to action and then see a preview of the post before you publish:

perch google post preview

And once you publish, you’ll get confirmation that the job is done.

perch google post confirmation

Bonus: share to Facebook, too.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you’ll also have the option to share your Google post to Facebook. The post will contain the same message and the link will take users to your Google My Business profile. This helps to expand your reach and generate more traffic to your Google My Business Profile, which is, of course, a ranking factor.

The post will go live right away, and you will see the completed task in your Perch Inbox for 2-3 days after that.

With this awesome new feature, Perch users can now post to Google and Facebook effortlessly, driving your engagement and marketing goals.

The Benefits of Posting to Google

There are four types of posts you can create for your Google My Business profile: Products, What’s New, Events, and Offers. These posts are a free marketing opportunity and they increase the number of interactions a customer takes with your business upon finding your profile online. As a result, your business can:

Build Communication

Google posts facilitate direct communication between your business and customers, allowing you to build a dialogue with them and open up channels of engagement.

Increase Engagement

People tend to go on Facebook or Instagram during downtime, when they’re looking to mindlessly scroll through content. When they’re on Google, however, they have the intent to obtain information, products, or services. This means that people who come across your posts on Google are going to be much more likely to engage with them.

Improve the Customer Experience

With informative posts directly in your listing, customers can obtain both logistical information (hours, contact information) and time-sensitive information simultaneously on their go-to search engine, making interaction with your business even more seamless.

Attract More Customers

Sales, events, new products, and special offers are all great ways to keep current customers interested and capture the attention of new customers. Google posting allows you to get the word out about your promotions more efficiently.

Stand Out

With video and photo capabilities, your posts can help your Google My Business profile to stand apart from competitors and stand out to consumers.


One thing we’d like to note is that this new Google posting Perch feature applies to News posts only at this time. This is because Events, Offers, and Product post types have additional features such as date ranges, coupon codes, and terms & conditions. Fortunately, you can use News posts to promote offers and events, and the rest of the post types will be enabled in future Perch releases.

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
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    Does posting directly from Perch have to be on a phone app or can it be done from a desktop?

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