• New Knowledge Center Post: What Makes a Site “Google-Optimized”?

what makes a site google optimized

We’ve got a new article in our Google My Business Knowledge Center and we want you to know about it!  What Makes a Site “Google-Optimized helps clear up SEO so that you can make informed decisions about your business website.

what makes a site google optimized

As a small business owner, it’s most likely been made clear to you by now that SEO is a must for your business website. However, what has not been made clear is whose SEO you can trust. Because SEO involves so many different actions, website providers can easily, but not honestly, say they “SEO” their sites. Technically, if they do the bare minimum, such as take 30 seconds to submit your sitemap to Google, then they’ve done some form of SEO. But this just means that your site will appear somewhere on search results (page 1? page 10? page 100?) for some search term (most likely something very specific, such as your business name and location).

True SEO isn’t one task or setting, but rather a holistic strategy. And that the goal of true SEO is not just to show up on Google; it’s to show up higher (preferably at the top or page 1) on Google for more searches—searches relevant to your business so that people seeking out the products and services you provide, who don’t know that you exist, can discover you.

Check out the article! In What Makes a Site “Google-Optimized”, you will:

  • Understand the difference between Google-friendy and Google-optimized
  • Distinguish between “indexed” vs “ranked”
  • Identify the technical conditions that need to be met in order for a site to truly be SEO’ed.

The key takeaway is that successful SEO does not mean tricking Google into ranking your site first. It means aligning your site with Google’s algorithm which is built on all of the things that matter to its users: convenience, speed, trust, quality, and accuracy.

Head to the article to learn more!

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
Kristen is the Content Marketing Manager for ThriveHive, where she geeks out daily over SEO, organic traffic, and A/B testing. When she's not equipping business owners and marketers to get their name out there through effective content, she's out pedaling the streets of Boston on her beloved bike.

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