• Found Bytes Episode 6: On Google’s Approach to Mobile Search with Cindy Krum

This week on Found Bytes, David Mihm invites Cindy Krum, CEO and Founder of MobileMoxie LLC, to talk about mobile marketing, local SEO, and how Google has evolved beyond the desktop.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode

Note: Found Bytes is produced for the ear and designed to be heard. If you are able, we strongly encourage you to listen to the audio above.  Or you can read our synopsis below to get an idea of what sorts of topics David and Cindy cover in this episode.

  • How Google My Business feeds into search results
  • Prioritization: Google My Business profile vs website
  • Is it fair to ask a local donut shop to invest in a website?
  • Video and audio clips as search results
  • The importance of tracking mobile search traffic in addition to desktop
  • Google My Business profiles are pushing websites further down results pages
  • Why local businesses should invest in mobile
  • How to get your business to show up in featured snippets on search results

Episode Recap

Cindy explained just how Google My Business feeds into Google’s larger Knowledge Graph, and what that looks like in search. Similar to past podcast guests, Cindy prioritized a strong GMB profile over a website for small businesses with limited budgets, and she asked if it’s fair to ask a local donut shop to invest in a website. David answered maybe and added that you never know what’s coming down the pike with Google. But that in some cases, a website is more of a risk mitigation factor than a sure bet when it comes to search rankings.

“That’s fair… Google My Business can’t do everything yet, but where is it going?” Cindy asked before diving into video and voice search. Cindy pointed out that Google can now “live transcribe” audio and playback YouTube videos to answer searches. She went so far as to predict that audio clips may start showing up in the answer box position in the near future, or even replace the “robot voice” of Android Auto or Google Home services as real people sound more friendly to most users.

From here, the conversation segued into mobile search and how some marketers, as well as local businesses, should be tracking mobile search rankings in addition to desktop searches. Cindy advised local businesses to test and track your mobile results, recommending tools like MobileMoxie’s MobileMoxie’s SERPerator Tool to help folks track mobile search. It’s important, Cindy explained, because Google stacks Knowledge Graph data to the top of the search results and pushing websites down the page. So it’s even more crucial to make sure your GMB profile is up-to-date.

Cindy also pointed out that mobile is getting more interactive with more buttons, videos, pictures, related questions and so forth, making the mobile search experience more immersive for users and more valuable to invest in for local businesses, especially as mobile no-click searches on are on the rise. David closed the episode with the lighting round segment, where Cindy advised local businesses to focus on creating strong assets, videos, images, bits of information or text with the intention of getting into that Featured Snippet section at the top of search.

Resources Mentioned

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