• August Instagram Ideas and Examples

August Instagram Post Examples

August can have you feeling rather torn—you’re clinging onto summer but you know you’ve got to get in gear for fall. Don’t let this cause a paralysis in your marketing! August is jam-packed with opportunities for promoting your business and growing your client base. In addition to our August Marketing and Blog Ideas post, we’ve got a list of Instagram ideas and examples you can try out this month.

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August Instagram Post Examples

What to Post on Instagram for August

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

You don’t have to be an optician to post about National Children’s Eye Health and Safety month. Businesses whose audience identifies closely with parenthood (like preschools), or businesses that serve children (like pediatric dentists) can take advantage of this holiday to raise awareness for their audience while also raising brand awareness.

August Instagram Ideas eye safety stats


If you are, in fact, in the eye care industry, link to blog posts on eye health. If you have a store of content on the topic,  prep your audience beforehand, as with the optician below. Let them know that they can expect valuable information from you this month, to keep them coming back.


August Instagram Ideas eye safety stats


National Family Fun Month

There are different ways to post about National Family Fun month. This realtor’s post is a great example of location-based marketing. First because the image she uses resonates with her audience, and second because she gives recommendations specific to the community of which she is a part.

August Instagram Ideas national family fun month


Be Kind to Humankind Week

No matter what kind of business you run, you can’t go wrong with celebrating Be Kind to Humankind Week on Instagram. An inspirational quote or picture, or just a reminder to be kind, is a feel-good and easy post to engage with for your audience. You can even gear it toward the type of problem you solve with your product or service.

August Instagram Ideas be kind to humankind week 2


You could also take the route of explaining each day that makes up the week, as this business does below:


August Instagram Ideas be kind to humankind week 1

Safe at Home Week

Home repair, home security, and even elder care services can take advantage of National Safe at Home Week. Create a post reminding users what you do, or link to a blog post or infographic on home safety tips.

August Instagram Ideas safe at home week

You could also offer a fact or tip right in the caption of your post, as with the example below:

August Instagram Ideas safe at home week 1

National Bargain Hunting Week

National Bargain Hunting Week is a no-brainer. You can point your audience toward bargains they will enjoy, provide your own bargain, or if you can, do a daily deal campaign where offer a different bargain for every day of the week.

August Instagram Ideas National bargain hunting week 2


if your business involves finance, write a blog post on money-saving tips or even a buyer beware piece.

August Instagram Ideas National bargain hunting week 3

National Dollar Day

Do you have anything you could offer for a dollar? Are your items priced such that a dollar off would be a good deal?

August Instagram Ideas dollar day dairy queen
Or perhaps your business donates some of its profits to a cause you care about. Having a charitable aspect to your business is a great way to connect with your audience in an emotional or values-based context—which sets the foundation for brand loyalty.

August Instagram Ideas dollar day charity
This law firm gets creative with their National Dollar Day Instagram post. Is there some sort of challenge you can propose to your followers related to your business?


August Instagram Ideas dollar day challenge


You could also use National Dollar Day to create a motivational post for your followers. This is especially relevant for businesses that provide financial services of any sort, but is not limited to them. Who doesn’t want to save money? Any audience will be receptive to tips or motivation in this arena.

August Instagram Ideas dollar day motivation


National Friendship Day

National Friendship Day is a great opportunity for a buy-one-get-one sale or a referral offer. Referrals are one of the best ways to get new customers—try it out and see for yourself!

August Instagram Ideas National Friendship day

National Senior Citizens Day

Your business does not have to serve senior citizens to create an effective Instagram post for this day. The post below says it all. Simply express your appreciation for this generation.

August Instagram Ideas senior citizens appreciation

National Just Because Day

What better excuse to run a sale, promotion, or giveaway than National Just Because Day?  If you’re looking for some ideas, check out the following posts:

August Instagram Ideas justbecauseday


August Instagram Ideas just because day flash sale


National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

If your business offers this tasty treat, run a deal on National Ice Cream Day. If you have multiple locations, including your hours for each location isn’t a bad idea, as with the example below.

August Instagram Ideas National Ice cream Sandwich Day 1
How about a behind-the-scenes or company culture post with fun picture of your team enjoying ice cream sandwiches?

August Instagram Ideas National Ice cream Sandwich Day 2
Or perhaps you can give out free ice cream sandwiches for an hour or two. This can help draw attention to your business and will also make for some great material to post during and after the event.


August Instagram Ideas National Ice cream Sandwich Day 4
Questions are a great way to encourage engagement and comments from your followers. With something as relatable as an ice cream sandwich, you can’t really go wrong asking your audience which is their favorite.

August Instagram Ideas National Ice cream Sandwich Day 3

End of Summer Sales

If you’re looking to get rid of your summer inventory or get one last boost to help you achieve your year-end goals, run an end-of-summer sale. Promote it on Instagram with relevant and location-based hashtags.

August Instagram Ideas end of summer sale

Back to School

Don’t forget about running back to school specials and deals in August! Promote any products or services your offer that help kids (or their parents) get into gear for the school year. Or, run a deal on early signups or bookings. The karate school below discusses the benefits of karate for kids, then describes a limited time offer for signups.

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August Instagram Ideas back to school karate


For creative marketing ideas for the rest of the year, download our free full marketing calendar below:
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