• Are You Following Me? How Retargeting can win new customers


Have you ever been researching some furniture or purchasing clothes or a pair of shoes online, only to find yourself being followed across the internet the next day by “pesky” ads from that very website you were on the day before?

That’s right, you are being retargeted. Retargeting can be a very effective means of advertising for your business. It is an excellent way to engage potential customers who have already expressed an interest in your products or services and stay top of mind.

How does this work you ask? Very simply, it’s done by placing a JavaScript code in the footer of your website. That script then creates lists of people who visit your website and place an anonymous “cookie” in their browser. These “cookies” allow the retargeting company to display their ads to previous visitors and potential customers across a netowrk of other websites.

So what is the best way to make retargeting work for your business?

It all starts with building a strong web presence.

If you’e a business owner who understands the value of having an informative and relevant website, you’ve jumped the first hurdle. But just having a quality website doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on the fast track to World Wide Web domination. There are a number things you could and should being doing to help increase traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help build your website’s credibility and boost your quality score on search engines for keywords relevant to your business. SEO is a great long-term investment and should be taken on by anyone looking to establish their site as a credible resource. However, SEO alone may not be enough to achieve all your business goals.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), more commonly referred to as pay-per-click advertising, can be a very effective way to generate increased website traffic, call volume, email submissions, and/or online orders. SEM is effective because you have the freedom to target the keyword searches you want in the geographical areas that you serve.

Both SEO and SEM are excellent ways to increase the number of qualified visitors to your website.

But what happens when these new visitors leave your website?

So you have a great website, maybe even helping your efforts with an SEO or SEM campaign, but people don’t stay on your website forever. Most people are very busy and have other things to do. Maybe they are just doing some research for a future purchase, or maybe they are price shopping or just looking to get a quote. Regardless, those people will leave your website and find a new one.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay on the minds of those visitors and try to engage them to come back to your website with a highly relevant ad? Retargeting is the perfect tool designed to do just that. It helps keep your brand top of mind when those consumers are ready to make a buying decision and can significantly improve your ROI.

Follow That Customer!

For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is made to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.

Retargeting is an effective and efficient advertising strategy, as it focuses your spending on people who have already visited your website and demonstrated some level of interest. Why would you ever go back to blindly paying for people to see your ad who may not have any interest in your services?

A compelling retargeting ad is one that has a great call to action, is not too wordy, and will give those previous visitors a reason to come back to learn more and make a positive decision on the products or services they have already shown interest in.

Remind customers of your brand, and when it comes time to click “buy” or “call,” you’ll be the one they remember.


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