• Are you feeling lucky? Create your own luck in 1 hour!


Feeling lucky with your marketing?

It doesn’t matter!

Great digital marketing requires time, effort, and know-how – not luck.

Create your own luck! Do the right work behind the scenes, and you’ll get magical results.

All it takes is a little extra effort to make sure your campaigns are running smoothly and your strategies are effective – leading to bigger and better returns.

Don’t think you have time? Take just 1 hour today to create a little marketing luck!

Take 5 minutes to check your info on your local pages

What do customers see when they Google you or your service locally? If your information is outdated, incorrect, or just downright missing – you’re missing out! Polish up your local profiles so customers can find you right away.

Take 15 minutes to schedule a few social media posts for the upcoming week

If you’re the type of person who goes on a posting frenzy — then goes on a posting drought — you’re losing the power that social provides you! Look into social scheduling platforms (like HootSuite, Tweetdeck, or Sprout, among others) and plan ahead for a consistent schedule of posts. No more ebb and flow for you!

Take 10 minutes to check in with your SEM campaign manager

Brush up on your Pay-Per-Click lingo and write an email to the expert managing your Search campaign. Ask about key performance statistics and make suggestions about where you’d like to consider adjusting your strategy to maintain top results!

Take 10 minutes to reply to customer comments and questions

Have you looked at your reviews lately? Take time to respond to customers who’ve left both positive and negative feedback on Yelp, Facebook, and other social channels.

Pro Tip: If it merits a lengthy conversation, be sure to take it offline! Don’t let your page become a war zone with a disgruntled client. Be respectful and offer to discuss and resolve the issue via personal communication.

Take 15 minutes to check your Analytics

Data doesn’t lie! Take a good look at how your website is performing, how customers are finding your site, and what pages they’re visiting. Use this quick overview to understand your site’s strengths and weaknesses, and to make data-driven decisions about how to adjust campaigns and content.

Take 5 minutes to say thank you to customers who came into your store

Remember those online reviews we just talked about? Boost your ratings by recognizing and thanking the customers who visit your establishment in person. Happy, appreciated customers are more likely to leave positive feedback! (And it doesn’t hurt to ask them to do it, after a pleasant transaction!)

= 1 hour of hard work that’ll lead to luck and success this week, this month, and beyond!

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