• April Marketing & Blog Ideas

april marketing blog ideas

Get started on promoting your business for the Spring and Spring Holidays with these marketing and blog ideas for the month of April. For more ideas throughout the year, download our full Marketing Calendar here.


April Marketing & Blog Ideas


1. April Fools Day

Have some fun with your marketing on April 1. April Fools Day is the perfect excuse to play a practical joke on your customers. Keep things light-hearted and fun so that you don’t make a business etiquette faux pas.

April Fools Day jokes for marketing should attract people to your business and thus, should be related to your business. Fitness centers can offer “calorie free cheeseburgers”, preschools can offer a class for teaching ABCs to dogs, and massage studios can offer touch-free massages. There are all obvious jokes related to your business. Another way to market your business for April Fools Day is to play around with graphics or Photoshop to make funny pictures and post them on social media.

2. Autism Awareness Day (April 2)

Autism affects 1 in 68 children in the United States. If you or someone you love is affected by autism, this is a great opportunity to raise awareness by getting involved in activities to give back to the community or raising money to donate to an organization dedicated to autism. World Autism Awareness Day is April 2 – here’s a link to get involved in an event near you!

3. Easter (April 16) Passover (April 10-18)

Spring holidays are a perfect opportunity for marketing your small business. Here are some great marketing ideas for the holidays:

  • Restaurants: Host Easter Brunch or advertise Kosher for Passover menu items.
  • Bars: Highlight an Easter or Passover drink on Instagram of social media.
  • Photographers: Run Easter picture specials.
  • Daycares: Make a special day for children to take pictures with an Easter bunny.
  • Fitness Centers: Have a family fun day with an Easter Egg hunt.
  • Bakeries: Post cake and cupcake photos on Facebook and your blog to get Easter cake orders. Make Kosher for Passover cakes too!

If you take pictures during the holidays, make sure to tag people on Twitter and Facebook so they can share the post.

4. Tax Day (April 15)

Tax Day is a day that people either love (because they’re getting a refund) or hate (because they owe money). This is prime time for accountants to market their business – if they haven’t already. But other types of businesses can benefit from Tax Day as well.

Restaurants and bars can host post Tax Day parties. Retail stores can have after Tax Day promotions to help people looking to spend their refund. Filing taxes is stressful, so fitness centers or yoga studios can use this as an opportunity to have a boot camp class or a special yoga class. For a little extra fun, incorporate a playlist of money songs!

5. Boston Marathon (April 17)

The 119th Boston Marathon will be held on April 17, 2017. ThriveHive is based in Boston so we’re huge supporters of the marathon, but you don’t have to be local to support it.

Show your support of local athletes who are running or traveling with family who is running in the marathon. Fitness centers should show their support across the country for the marathoners. Local restaurants can offer “carb loading” pre-marathon meals and massage studios can offer discounts to runners.

6. Administrative Professionals Day (April 26)

Make sure to thank your support staff on April 22 during Administrative Professionals Day. This is a good way to make your business and brand personal on social media and on your blog. Highlight what your support staff does for your business and interview them on your blog or on a video. Customers who interact with support staff will love seeing them in the spotlight!

7. Earth Day (April 22) & Arbor Day (April 28)

Earth Day and Arbor Day are all about nature and trees. Use these holidays as a marketing opportunity for your business. Flower shops can host a class or write a blog about reusing dried flowers for decor, interior designers can provide tips about decorating with nature, and fitness centers can take classes outside for a hike or workout that appreciates nature.

8. Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is high time for cleaning services, organizers, and interior designers. Use this as an opportunity to give your customers and potential customers tips on how they can spruce up their house for the new season.

Cleaning Services should offer promotions or referrals for new or current customers to jump-start business for the warmer weather. Contractors or construction services should blog or post videos about common issues that arise in the Spring. If you’re getting started on a blog, spring cleaning is a great topic for writing your first blog post.

9. Take your Daughter or Son to Work Day (April 27)

If you have kids, bring them to work on April 27 and tell your customers about it. This is a great way to teach your child about starting and running a business and inspire them to follow their dreams.

Take their picture and post it on social media, encouraging customers to come in and say hello. Make your child the “boss” of the day. Posting pictures or stories on social media is a great way to engage customers and to personalize your brand. Plus, you can show off your adorable children!

10. Sports

Springtime is huge for sports! There’s MLB Opening Day, the Master’s Tournament, and the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. April 27 is the NFL Draft.

Use these big sports events as an opportunity to market your business. If your business is directly related to sports, this should be easy to do. But businesses in other industries can take advantage by cheering on local teams and even using team colors in their marketing and promotions. Flower shops can offer custom bouquets and bakeries can sell cakes and cupcakes in team colors!

Take advantage of these opportunities to hit a home run with your marketing in April! Need more ideas? Download our free marketing calendar below!

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