• Act Now or Forever Hold Your PPC: Why every SMB needs Digital Advertising


What do the acronyms SEO, PPC, and CTR mean to a typical local business owner today?

Ironically, they mean nothing and everything at the same time.

If you are a contractor, for example, most of your days are spent in the field. You’re on top of roofs and in transit, not keeping up with digital advertising acronyms, Google’s latest algorithm, or tracking what keywords are working for your company.

But even with a To- Do list through the roof (pun intended), the point is that your company NEEDS to also have a digital handle on its:

  • Reputation
  • Website
  • Social appearance
  • Business listings in directories
  • Presence on search engines

And here is why.  

SMBs that embrace digital advertising can expect to be rewarded with a cost-effective way to reach their ideal customers in a more personalized, conversational, and customer-friendly way than traditional advertising ever has. For example, the same exact audience that can be reached with a Super Bowl television ad campaign can be acquired with digital marketing for 25% of the cost online!

Let’s review some other benefits.


With digital advertising, you get to learn about your visitors while they are trying to get to know you as well. Perfect! This means that the data collected (through online analytical tools and resources) gives great insight not only about how effective your campaign is but what you may want to tweak in order to increase the likelihood of future conversions and sales. Can traditional advertising do that so easily?

Cost Effective

Have you ever bought a newspaper ad? If so, did you only pay when someone opened the paper up and read your ad or did you have to pay up front without even knowing if it was seen or by how many people? With digital advertising, you get what you pay for. For example, you only pay if someone clicks on your ad, if X amount of impressions are made, or if X amount of leads are delivered. Quite simply, you get more bang for your digital buck.

Targeted Customer Experience & Accessibility

In the age of the Internet, your company’s information, services, and products are available around the world 24/7, and digital advertising helps your business reach as many of those ideal consumers as possible. This becomes a 2-fold benefit:

  1. By targeting your advertising (based on demographics, psychographics, past purchasing behaviors, etc.) it allows you to eliminate wasteful spending. Targeting your advertising lets you hone in on the people who already have or are more likely to have a strong preference for your products. This should ultimately lead to higher profits. How much higher? Some companies have claimed to see a 50-60% conversion rate!
  2. For the consumer, ads are more relevant and useful, rather than intrusive. They’re shown products and services that fit their needs and their interests, which makes them more likely to click through to learn more, or call you when they need you.

In short, whether you’re swinging hammers or selling software, your company needs digital advertising.

Whether you have the internal resources to implement your own digital strategy, or need to outsource to a professional digital advertising company, there are so many reasons why you must act now or you will forever have to hold your PPC.

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