About Us

ThriveHive’s mission is to help small business owners realize their dreams by empowering them to grow their companies. We always put our customers first and we treat every business like it’s our own. Acquired by Propel Marketing in April 2016, we now offer a full spectrum of digital marketing solutions, from our award winning do-it-yourself Guided Marketing System to full service custom digital services including SEO, SEM, and Facebook Advertising.

We believe in transparency and in a future where great service and hard work translate to business success. This will only happen through a data-driven marketing approach, which is why we invented Guided Marketing. We want to ensure that every marketing effort a small business does will get them the most bang for the buck.

This Guided Marketing solution, combined with Propel Marketing’s full-suite of digital marketing services, allows us to help small businesses take control of their marketing and successfully grow. Together, ThriveHive and Propel Marketing are reinventing what it means to be a small business owner. See how ThriveHive and Propel can help your business grow—click here to request a demo.