• 8 Unique Social Media Ideas for Your Small Business

Coming up with ways to stand out to users and distinguish your business from competitors on social media can be tough. With millions of users and even more posts and ideas buzzing around, how can you come up with something unique?

The key is in how you define “unique”. You do not need to be unique on social media in general. Think smaller. Be unique within your industry, in your community, or even just in relation to your company’s typical marketing. The unexpected or surprising nature of your campaigns (think guerrilla marketing tactics) can make them effective among your target audience. Or, you might try a traditional campaign that is new to your business, and find that it becomes a regular part of your social media marketing strategy. Here are some unique social media ideas to try out for your business.

8 Unique Social Media Ideas for Your Small Business

1. Make a Recommendation

One of the more unique social media campaign ideas is to recommend to your audience an account that you follow and that would be helpful to them. One of the social media and blogging basics for small business is that of showing your expertise—not to toot your own horn, but to show current and potential customers that they can trust you. However, you don’t always have to be putting out your own content or extensive thought leadership pieces to show your expertise. Simply being connected with others in your field and sharing their information will also indicate expertise and trust—as it shows that you’re up to date on your speciality and are looking to supply useful information for your followers.

2. Recognize a Competitor

Take that first social media idea a step further and try posting something you appreciate with regard to your competitors. While you don’t want to promote your competitors, there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging actions that you appreciate or find useful.

This kind of social media post shows that you’re staying up to date in your industry, confident in what you do, and are committed to providing value to your audience—not just promoting your brand. In fact, it’s a social media best practice to limit how much you promote your business. Having respect for your competitors will earn you respect from your target audience.

3. Share an Unusual Photo

When it comes to photos of your product or service, whether in a Facebook ad image or social media post, it is a good idea to use a typical customer using the product in context. On the flip side, one unique social media idea is to turn that concept upside down. You might post a picture of someone using your product or service who is unlikely to use it, or a typical customer using your product or service in a strange way or in an unusual location. If you get unusual enough, you just may have yourself a guerrilla marketing strategy!

4. Lighten Things Up with Funny or Inspirational Images

What makes this social media campaign unique is that businesses typically want to highlight their professionalism and expertise. However, it’s also important to show your personality and your human side—maybe even a little vulnerability—as these create opportunities for your audience to connect with your business.

A funny or inspirational image or quote that fits in with your followers’ lifestyles or reflects your business’s values gives you a chance to show the unique sides of your business through social media. If you can, include your logo in your image somewhere; and if it makes sense, accompany the image with a quick comment.

5. Take Advantage of National Observance Days

Did you know that November is Banana Pudding Lovers Month? As well as Family Stories Month? Or that November 4th is National Stress Awareness Day? There are hundreds of observance and awareness days, weeks, and months throughout the year. Whether supporting a cause, raising awareness for something important to yourself or your business, or looking to lighten things up and have a little fun, these events provide an endless source of unique social media ideas and campaigns.

6. Make a Refreshing Change with Indirectly Related Photos and Videos

Social media campaigns don’t always have to do with your product or service directly. After all, your customers have lifestyles outside of your business. Your followers will appreciate a photo or video that resonates with their interests, values, or needs. It will also show them that you are in tune with your target audience and customers.

7. Ask Your Audience for Advice

Social media posts that ask questions can help increase social media engagement, create discussions among your followers, and generate constructive feedback for your business. A unique spin on question campaigns is to ask your followers for information or advice. Reaching out to your followers in this manner will reveal your transparency, show followers that you value their input and intelligence, and will demonstrate your trust in them. Trust begets trust, so the idea here is to help strengthen your customer relationships.

8. Try a Blast from the Past

Putting out a mix of timely and evergreen content will ensure that your social media posts are relevant to your followers. On the other hand, changing things up a bit and posting something from the past can be effective too. One idea would be to share a memory that Facebook presented to you, or a then-and-now company photo. It’s okay to express how excited and proud you are at how far your company has come, and your followers will be glad to celebrate along with you.

Growing your business and marketing has a lot to do with consistency. However, you can still try new things and stay true to your values and brand messaging. Take advantage of the opportunities your business has to be unique, and you might surprise yourself!

Kristen McCormick
Kristen McCormick
Kristen is the Content Marketing Manager for ThriveHive, where she geeks out daily over SEO, organic traffic, and A/B testing. When she's not equipping business owners and marketers to get their name out there through effective content, she's out pedaling the streets of Boston on her beloved bike.

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