• 8 Tips to Help You Prepare for Facebook’s New Business Pages

You might have heard that Facebook is rolling out a new business page design. You need to prepare your page and customize it to ensure that you get the most out of the new design. This article will outline 8 easy steps to make sure you are ready for Facebook’s new business page design.

Facebook Business Pages

The new features and layout will make your page look similar to what your personal page looks like today with Timeline. If you log in as an admin, you can start designing your new business page right away and you can preview the changes. When you’re ready to make those changes public, you can publish your page; otherwise on March 30th 2012 everyone will be automatically upgraded to the new design.


So without further ado, here are the 8 most important things to do on your Facebook business page:

1. Select a cover photo

Facebook - Add a cover

This is the large image at the top of your business page. We recommend using an image that will make a strong impression and that truly represents your brand and what you stand for. It can be an image of your product, your team, or your storefront. This image is very important for your page and it will be publicly available, so be creative and use something memorable.

Remember that this is an image to represent your business and it can’t contain prices, contact information, or calls to action. If you want to read the official guidelines click here.

2. Select a profile picture

The profile picture is the image that will represent your business across Facebook. It’s what others will see when you post in their walls and when you have conversations with them. Remember that although this is a smaller picture, it’s important to use your logo or something that your audience will recognize and associate with your company.

For example, this is ours:ThriveHive Logo

3. Fill out your about section

This will appear in every page and it contains all the details about your company. It varies depending on your pages category, but usually includes your business name, address, phone number and schedule. Using a tracked phone line can help you understand how many people are calling you after looking at your Facebook page. The idea is similar to using phone lines to track your offline marketing. Remember that many people will discover your business through Facebook and having a complete and accurate about section can help them easily contact you.

4. Configure your views

Facebook has changed the name of “tabs” to “views”. Views and apps are links to different parts of your page and can include your photos, maps to your business, events and custom applications that you set-up.  Photos will always be at the top left and you can add and reorganize the other tabs (up to 12) to suit your needs.

5. Pin important posts

Facebook now allows you to control the content on your page, to make sure you surface the things that are most relevant to your audience. If there’s an important post that you want to always keep at the top of your page, simply click the pencil icon on the post and select “Pin to top”. This will make the post appear at the top of your business page for seven days and it will have an orange flag to indicate that it’s pinned.

6. Mark important events as milestones



Another technique you can use to control your content is to add milestones. Milestones are a way to celebrate and mark important events in your company’s history. This can be anything from a new product launch to a special occasion when a famous person visited your store. On the top of your page click on “Milestone” and add the event details. Remember to add a photo since it will make your milestone more engaging and drive your customers’ attention. When you create a milestone, it will take the full width of your page, which helps you emphasize these meaningful events.

7. Star stories to highlight them


You can go to a story on your timeline and click the star icon. This will make the story widescreen and publicly available to everyone who sees your page. A very useful feature is that you can star your visitor’s posts, for example highlighting a happy customer’s review of your product or service.

8. Understand the new admin panel


Facebook has revamped their admin panel which now includes a notification and messages pane. It’s now possible for visitors to send you a message directly through your business page and you can respond to them directly as well. This helps deal with customers through one on one communication. The notifications area will show you key information regarding the activity on your page, such as comments and likes. Finally, the new Insights gives you more information about the reach of your page and other metrics to help you understand the effectiveness of your page.

We hope you find these tips helpful in getting ready for Facebook’s new page design.

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If you want to see Facebook’s help content for the new business page design click here or click here for their webinar.
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Image credit: Goiaba and Facebook

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