• 8 Motivational Instagram Accounts to Follow

It happens to everyone, the loss of motivation, the question that can’t be answered, the writer’s block that turns into a wall. Instead of waiting for inspiration to hit, there are accounts on Instagram that you can follow to help you stay motivated. In this post, we will be giving you the 8 motivational Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration and motivation.

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Why You Should Follow Motivation Accounts

As a small business owner it is normal to be overwhelmed, tired, and sometimes frustrated with your business. By following one or more of the below accounts, you can equip yourself with daily motivational and inspirational tips for not only your business life, but also your personal life.

Motivational Instagram Accounts

8 Motivational Instagram Accounts to Follow

1. Prsuit (@Prsuti)

Prsuit is an Instagram account that posts inspirational quotes as well as links to their articles each day. This Instagram account is dedicated to giving knowledge and inspiration to their followers—not to trying to sell them on a product. If you want an account that is all about giving you the tools you need for success, follow this account.

2. H&DF Magazine (@HDFMagazine)

H&DF Magazines brings inspiration, articles, and stories that will relate, motivate, and inspire business owners. This account takes the best quotes from their featured interviews and put them on their Instagram feed for their followers to see.

This allows you as a busy business owner to just skim across their feed to get a quick but powerful dose of motivation and inspiration. The best part of this account is that these are quotes from real people who you can relate to, not mysterious people that you’ve never heard of. You can also click a link to their online magazine to read a full story or interview if you are interested.

3. Entrepreneur Magazine (@entrepreneur)

Entrepreneur Magazine brings their followers a good mix of inspirational and motivational quotes with success stories and business tips. This Instagram feed is great for someone who doesn’t just want quotes but also wants business tips and insights.

Entrepreneur’s Instagram account gives you business book recommendations to advance your knowledge in the field of your choice.Their posts also feature small business owners, so this can be a great place for you to look if you want to reach out and network.

4. YFS Magazine (@ysfmagazine)

This Instagram account is focused on startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurship culture. Their page is filled with motivational quotes to inspire you to keep working. This really focuses on the people who are their own boss.

For a small business owner, this Instagram is good to follow for a short message or phrase that will hopefully motivate you throughout the day and give you an extra boost for your day.

5. Achieve the Impossible (@achievetheimpossible)

Achieve the Impossible Instagram account focuses purely on motivational quotes to keep you striving for the goal of your business or life. This Instagram feed is filled with feel-good phrases that will fill you with positive energy.

This account is good to follow if you just need an everyday motivational quote. Although this account can be motivational for business purposes it is more specifically driven for everyday life.

6. Mindset of Greatness (@minsetofgreatness)

Mindset of Greatness is an Instagram account that doesn’t give you quotes but positive messages or phrases. This Instagram account mainly focuses on life tips, but if you are a business owner this can be helpful for you to follow (as your business is a major part of your life!) and read daily affirmations.

Mindset of Greatness gives off more of a calming motivational vibe with their style aesthetics and backgrounds. For a small business owner who wants more security than excitement, this Instagram account is good for you to follow.

7. Zig Ziglar (@thezigziglar)

Zig Ziglar’s Instagram account is made to fuel your motivation with quotes that will be sure to brighten up and boost your day. This account is all about feeling positive with exactly what you are doing in life, right now.

This account gives you motivational quotes that have to do with home and family life, as well as quotes to inspire your business world. This Instagram account reminds small business owners that little steps add up for reaching bigger goals.

8. Inc Magazine (@incmagazine)

Inc Magazine takes a different look at motivation than the previous Instagram accounts in this list. Rather than motivate business owners with quotes. They use success stories from entrepreneurs themselves.

Looking and reading through this Instagram feed may take a little more time out of your day than the others, but if your way of getting motivated is to see how others succeeded, this is a good Instagram account for you to follow. Something to look out for when looking through Inc Magazine’s Instagram feed is that all the people shown are small business owners, not people who own multi-million dollar companies.

Sometimes in every small business owner’s life, you need some help and support to get and stay motivated. That’s why these 8 Instagram accounts are great to assist you with daily motivation and even some business tips!

Devon Heavey
Devon Heavey
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