• 6 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

6 Ways to Build Brand LoyaltyCustomer loyalty is worth its weight in gold to your business. With the convenience of the Internet, consumers have more access to your competition now than ever before. It takes careful thought and effort to keep your customers coming back, but loyal customers become part of the foundation of your business growth. Here are some insights and tips to keep your customers away from your competitors, and coming back again and again.

1. Have High Quality Standards

This is the first and most obvious reason a customer will come back. If they know your products and services are high in quality, they will come back because they know your business provides something they can trust. It’s not just your products and services that you should focus on here. High-quality content is key to gaining the customer in the first place. 

2. Communicate to Build Relationships

Staying in touch with your customers is a huge part of earning their loyalty. Whether it is through email newsletters, events and invites, social media posts, or even direct mail, maintaining regular communication with the customers you already have is critical. That said, be sure to maintain an updated customer database so you can cater your messaging accordingly.

3. Build Your Reputation

A big part of whether or not a customer will come back to your business has to do with your reputation. One good experience might not outweigh a bunch of bad ones. If the community you serve knows your business is dependable, fair, and honest, and if your customers feel that you can relate to them, there will be less incentive for customers to take their money anywhere else.

4. Be Professional

No matter the industry, unprofessional behavior is business out the door. Professional and well-trained employees ensure that the job is done right and your customer’s experience is a good one. Customers should feel like they can count on you to meet their needs in a timely and organized manner. This peace of mind is something they will continue to pursue for future services. Make sure that everyone in your business is on the same page in terms of tone, timeliness, body language, and overall behavior, whether in your store or on live chat.

5. Nurture Relationships with Your Regulars

Taking the extra effort to get to know your customers is a sure-fire way to get them through your door again. It’s also a great way to strengthen your reputation, as exceptional service is subject to word of mouth. People always appreciate a business that takes a genuine interest in how its customers are doing, so get to know your regulars.

6. Reward Loyalty

Offering rewards programs and other incentives for your customers is another way to build loyalty. Privileges, rewards, and tiered customer status let customers know their business is important to you.  

It costs 5x as much to acquire a new customer than retain an old customer, according to studies. By building brand loyalty, you’ll be able to spend more time and money growing your business than simply maintaining your business.

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