• 6 Facebook Giveaway Ideas

6 Facebook Giveaway Ideas

Creating a Facebook contest or giveaway is a fantastic way to generate interest and engagement in your business on Facebook. Whether you’re looking to generate business exposure, collect email addresses, or promote a new product or service, Facebook contests and giveaways are an easy way to promote your business and achieve your goals.

This post will give you examples of different types of Facebook contest and giveaway for you to learn from and seek inspiration to run your own Facebook contests.

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How to Pick a Winner for Social Media Contests


Facebook “Like + Share” Giveaway

A Facebook “Like and Share” contest serves to increase the organic reach of a business on Facebook. Notorious for being hard for small businesses to reach a large audience, likes and shares help place business accounts in front of more potential customers on Facebook.

The Paint Bar is a small business based in Boston that offers instructional painting classes at each of its three locations. With the school year underway and holidays approaching, the business is running a Facebook contest to giveaway a 5 classes to the winners. To enter, Facebook users must like and share the post. In just a few hours, the contest had over 200 likes and 150 shares which put The Paint Bar and their business in front of hundreds of Facebook users.

Run your own “Like and Share” Facebook Giveaway

It’s easy to run your own Like and Share Facebook Contest. Simply pick a prize that’s related to your business, like a free personal training session or mini photoshoot to Facebook users who like and share your post about the contest. The engagement will help improve your Facebook page’s organic reach, meaning that the shared post will show up on the news feeds of people who are friends with those who liked and shared the post. Like and Share is a great Facebook contest idea to increase the reach and recognition of your business name in your local market.

Facebook Photo Contest

Another Facebook contest idea is a Facebook photo contest. This giveaway instructs participants to post a photo of something related to the business to the business’s page. The best photo will win a prize and their photo will be featured by the business.

In the Facebook contest example below, Hawaii.com ran a photo contest giving points (valuable on their website) to the winner and featuring their photo on the company’s Facebook page. The draw of this Facebook contest idea is that businesses can use the photos shared in the contest as part of their own marketing. What’s better marketing than the marketing your customers do for you?!


Run your own Facebook Photo Contest

To run your own Facebook photo contest, simply ask people to upload and share pictures related to your business on your page. Your restaurant can ask people to share birthday photos in a particular month, your dental office can ask for “selfies” of patients’ smiles, or your catering business can ask followers to share event photos. The winner of the contest gets a prize and bragging rights and your business gets a new picture to feature in its marketing!

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Facebook Tag a Friend Contest

Tag a friend Facebook contests or giveaways serve same purpose as tag a friend Instagram contests—to increase the reach of the business.

The example below shows a tag a friend giveaway hosted by Boston Burger Company. The instructions are simple—tag a friend in the comments and be eligible to win a gift card. Tagging a friend means that the post will be shared on the timeline of the person tagged in the status, alerting them and their friends to the photo in which they were tagged. For more details on how to tag someone on Facebook, check out this blog post.


Run your own “Tag a Friend” Facebook Contest

Doing your own “Tag a Friend” giveaway is simple. Pick a prize, post a picture, and tell your followers to tag a friend in the comments in order to win. Make sure to announce the winner in the comments and on your Facebook page.

Facebook “Ask a Question” Giveaway

We’ve previously discussed how Facebook can be difficult to engage followers on a business’s page. One way to increase engagement is to ask followers questions.

Lady Slipper Creations, a company dedicated to innovative floral design, used a Facebook contest to engage customers. By asking potential customers what type(s) of flowers they would love to receive, it gives the business owners a tremendous opportunity to evaluate their inventory and potential purchases down the road while engaging with current and potential new customers.

Not only did Lady Slipper Creations communicate on a personal level with their customers, but they also were able to collect information in the form of market research to discover their customers favorite flowers. Lady Slipper Creations also used a free bouquet as their prize which is great for marketing. A free bouquet will not cost the business much, and may even be an investment as the winner may love the flowers so much they’ll become a lifelong customer!

Also, one of the most obvious, yet subtle techniques in this Facebook promotion idea is the visual. Scrolling down their Facebook page, you’re bound to stop and stare at some of the gorgeous photos of different flowers. Those few extra seconds are highly valuable in converting passerbys into contest participants.

Run your own “Ask a Question” Facebook Giveaway

Running a Facebook promotion to engage with customers is a fast and easy way to run an effective contest. This type of contest can easily be run if your business ends up with some extra flowers or even if you have a few odds and ends of promotional materials that you’re looking to get rid of. People love winning and free things so use a quick engagement contest to ask a question from your followers. Pick a random winner using a name generator and send the prize to the lucky winner.

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Facebook Collaboration Contest

Another way to increase the reach of your posts on Facebook is to collaborate with another company and run a Facebook contest or giveaway together. Teaming up with other business owners in a related field is a great way to increase word of mouth referrals and share business leads. This type of contest is easy to do because each business puts in a little bit of effort and reaps double the benefits of organic reach on Facebook.

In the collaboration contest example below, Country Outfitter teamed with up Frye boots to giveaway a free pair of boots. Both Country Outfitter and Frye posted and shared the status to their Facebook followers, doubling the organic reach of either of the business’s alone. You can see from the likes and shares that this was a very popular contest.

collaboration facbook giveaway

Run your own Collaborative Facebook Contest

This type of contest is easy to run if you’re already working with other local companies. A good way to run this type of contest is to put together a gift basket from other local businesses and have each business run the contest from their own page. Doing this increases the reach of your post enormously! Remember, if you’re going to run this type of contest, make sure to participate with a business who is related to your business but not a direct competitor.

Facebook Cross-Promotional Giveaway

Just because you’re doing a Facebook contest doesn’t meant that you only have to share the contest on Facebook. Cross-promotional contests are a great way to increase the reach of your brand and get your business in front of even more customers.

Poppy & Mint Design is a business that creates unique hand-lettered paper goods such as calligraphy and graphics. By virtue of the business, Poppy & Mint is visually appealing and has puts these graphics to good use by featuring them for social media contests. The company is big on Instagram and is transitioning their success running Instagram giveaway contests into Facebook contests by cross-promoting the contest on Facebook. 

If you were a Facebook user, there’s a good chance you would stop look at the visually appealing picture in their Facebook post. Poppy & Mint Design knows that people love their beautiful lettering and graphics and are not shy about it.

Run your own Cross-Promotional Facebook Giveaway

Unlike the other examples, Poppy & Mint Design’s contests are not exclusive to Facebook—the business cross-promotes the contest with Instagram. Poppy and Mint has a large Instagram following and so cross-promotion was a natural progression. If your visually appealing business is big on another social media site like Instagram, try transitioning to Facebook and running a Facebook contest. Tell your followers on Instagram to hop over to Facebook to enter the contest and see how many participants you can get! Cross promotion is a great way to get in front of an even larger audience.

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Hopefully these different examples of Facebook giveaways have given you an idea of what to do when making your contest. Again, focus on promotions that will improve your branding by giving away prizes related to your business as well as utilizing unforgettable graphics.

It’s also important to remember that although many contests promote themselves, you should still put in effort to get the word out. Utilize your website, e-mail list, and other social media outlets to get as many people as you can to sign up to win.

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