• 5 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Business


Instagram has truly become a force in social media. As of June this year, the photo sharing social platform boasts over 130 million users. On top of that, there are 16 billion images on the service – and users click “like” on a photos one billion times a day!

That’s an immense amount of engagement on a relatively new social media platform. Its wide-spread adoption has begun to make the platform ubiquitous. Everyone from your grandma to stars like Rihanna and major brands like Nike are on Instagram these days.

So, why isn’t your business on Instagram yet? Instagram is the perfect platform to promote your business and increase recognition of your brand.

Use some of these quick start ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Remember – have fun!

1. Get Topical

Social media is all about breaking news – so you should be on your toes to use current events to your advantage. When the world was waiting to learn the name of Prince William and Kate’s child, Bauble Bar, a New York-based jewelry store, smartly used the built-in press to hold a contest for their followers. This was a fantastic way to capitalize on very valuable keywords. Many people are already searching for information about the royal baby – so why not get in on the action?

Bauble Bar Instagram

2. Go Behind the Scenes

Instagram presents the perfect opportunity to show your clients and customers the human side of your company or organization. Feel free to go a little more informal with the content you post, and keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to showcase your corporate personality.

Fred Flare, a Brooklyn-based clothing and novelty store, showcases their employees – oftentimes wearing or using products they sell – behind the scenes to great effect. BONUS: Doesn’t this look like a fun place to work? Showing off how much fun your employees have is a fantastic way to attract great applicants.

Fred Flare Instagram

3. Hype Your Sales by Going Interactive

Shopping is a huge part of social media. For e-commerce as well as brick and mortar stores, social media has become a vital outlet for their customers to share their great finds. Use Instagram to post an image of an event or a sale, and ask your followers to share their experiences or what they bought.

Anthropologie, a national retailer, makes exceptional use of this type of promotion. In this example, they both promote their Summer Tag Sale to those who may not be aware of it, as well as allow the customers who have shopped the sale to share if they found “something sweet” on their Instagram.

Anthropologie Instagram

4. Add a little glamor to your product

Instagram, at its core, is based on a consumerist culture. By sharing images of everything from delicious meals to a new necklace, Instagram users are able to showcase their taste and style to their friends and followers. By providing high quality, beautiful photography of your product or services, customers are able to engage with your brand as both a fan and as a consumer.

Starbucks keenly understands the importance of providing visually appealing, beautiful images of their products. These images allow their followers to engage with their brand, and open conversation about their products.

Starbucks Instagram

5. Go off-topic

Remember: It’s all about you, even when it’s not about you. This means that, even when you’re not directly posting about your products, services, brand or employees, you’re still sending your followers a big message. In fact, “off-topic” Instagrams, whether they are a beautiful shot of your city’s skyline or a quick pic of the burger you’re enjoying on a Sunday, allow you to demonstrate the personality of your brand and company.

Kate Spade does a fantastic job of blending product-based Instagrams, featuring their purses and clothing, with images that show their interests and hobbies. And guess what? Those interests seem to appeal to great deal of people. In this example, Kate Spade shared an image of milkshakes they’re enjoying, and asked their followers to pick their favorite. We don’t see any purses or jewelry in this image – so what does this have to do with their brand? Simple: The image is stylized, young, fresh and a little bit preppy, just like their audience. They’re establishing a brand, and their products and services aren’t even in sight.

Kate Spade Instagram 

Ready to get started with Instagram for your business? Share your Instagram handle in the comments below and tell us what you’ve been up to!

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