• 5 Ways to Build an Online Audience

You have built a website and you already have your SEO working the right way. Potential customers are coming your way, but for some reason people don’t seem to be coming back to your site or engaging with you in Facebook and Twitter.online community

Keep reading and you will find a list of five simple things you can do to engage your audience and start building a community.

1. Ask interesting questions: Using simple questions you will get information on what your customers want and who they are. Not only will this help you understand your audience better, but it will also make them feel like part of a community. Odds are that you will get answers from people you didn’t even know were listening to you, creating new leads for your business. Now here comes the key part: if someone answers your poll, let them know you care and post or tweet back at them with a thank you or a comment. Another good idea is to retweet the most interesting answer or suggestion.  When you listen to your audience, they feel appreciated and they will be compelled to come back to your site. For more ideas read our post on How to engage with people on Facebook.

2. Host guest bloggers and be one yourself: Offer your writing skills to other people in your network. Try to target the influencers:  those with a strong social media presence. Writing for other sites with similar goals and values will drive traffic to your site and widen your reach. After writing a guest post you will notice new people following you and retweeting your tweets, effectively extending your network. On the other hand, getting someone else to write a guest post on your blog will also bring their audience to your site, while creating quality content for your existing visitors. In either case, this is a win-win situation for both the host and the guest writer. Collaboration is key. If you’re interested in tactics to help you blog more frequently, read this post on blogging.

3. Link to previously published content: When you’re writing a blog post, you will probably notice that you’ve already talked about many similar things in previous posts. By linking your newest post to ones you might have written months ago, not only will you direct your audience to related content they might be looking for, but you will also improve your SEO by increasing your internal linking. You can see an example of this in this blog post!

4. Offer great advice at the right time: Once you’ve built traffic, users will frequently post questions on your Facebook page or tweet about what they think of your products. We’ve talked about how the content in your website or blog should cater to a target audience, but if you don’t answer queries quickly, a potential buyer might become frustrated and give up on the service you are offering. This doesn’t mean you have to check your Facebook or Twitter feed every 10 minutes, but try to directly address members of your audience at least a couple of times a day. A marketing platform like ThriveHive which surfaces all of your social media conversation in one place can help you stay on top of things.

5. Be Consistent and communicate when you create new content: Every time you create new content, let your audience know through a Facebook post or a simple tweet. Consistency is one of the most important aspects of publishing engaging content online in order to build communities. Set yourself a schedule to upload a video or write a blog post every couple of days or maybe every week. If you’re creating content regularly, your audience will notice it and expect you to keep posting regularly.  You have to stick to it and keep going; this is the only way people will come back to your site to check for new material. Scheduling tools can help you achieve this without any worries.

These five steps seem simple, but make a world of difference. Make sure you follow them and let us know if they work for you and help you build your audience.


Image Credit: Salvatore Vuono


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