• 5 Tricks for a Labor-Free Labor Day


As the unofficial summer send-off before we slip into fall weather, Labor Day weekend presents an opportunity for three days of rest, relaxation, and summer fun.

Too bad you need to keep up with your digital marketing, right?

Wrong! Don’t let digital get you down!

There are plenty of ways to keep your online efforts up and running without sitting inside at the computer. Take full advantage of your long weekend, without letting your campaigns slide!

There’s no need to labor away this holiday weekend.

Here are a few simple digital tricks you can use to keep up with your marketing without working too hard.

  1. Create an Instagram contest. Let your customers create marketing content for you! User-generated content is easy, and engaging. By challenging your followers to post about their holiday plans or how they’re using your products this weekend, they’re not just sharing, they’re advocating for your business! Ask customers to post their best snapshot with a special hashtag, and promise to re-share your favorites.
  2. Finalize your email blast. Don’t leave those edits to the last minute! Make sure the email promoting your Labor Day sale is written and perfected with all the finishing touches, and get it sent! Send it out early so customers who take off for their own long weekends still catch it in their inboxes – and so you can start your weekend stress-free.
  3. Schedule a few social media posts. This one’s easy. Take just 15 minutes to whip up a couple of witty posts and get them set up to go out on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever your followers love to find you. Thanks to the holiday, you’ve got easy content!
  4. Check on your campaigns. Make sure your Display or SEM campaigns are running smoothly. Take a look at your data to see what’s working and what’s not – and make a couple of tweaks accordingly. Then you don’t have to worry whether valuable customers are missing your ads!
  5. Go mobile. Sometimes, work inevitably interrupts fun time. Take your smartphone or a handy tablet with you for those last-minute or emergency needs! If you’ve forwarded your store’s phone line, you can take calls from those successful campaigns we just checked on, or respond to the great comments you receive on social media thanks to your awesome posts!

With a few easy steps, you can be ready to roll for your long weekend. No shirt, no shoes, no worrying about your digital marketing!

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