• 5 Tips to Get You and Your Marketing Healthy and Strong

It’s difficult to prioritize tasks that go towards your business’s long-term success. Your inbox gets fuller by the minute, papers pile ever higher on your desk, and your to-dos accumulate faster than you can complete them. As a result, marketing initiatives may get pushed back continuously in your attempts to get through the operations of the day, every day.

YStrengthen your marketing our busy work-life may also keep you from another important activity: exercise.  Exercise gives you a boost of endorphins that keep energy levels up and it contributes to your general well being. Similarly, your marketing initiatives will not only enhance your business’s presence in the short run, but will also add value in the long run.

Here are our 5 tips on incorporating fitness and marketing into your life. And remember, you never regret doing it; you’ll only regret not doing it.

Between Marketing and Business Operations: Find a Balance

Unlike computers, human beings don’t physically crash and shut off when they’re overworked. Nevertheless, we are still vulnerable to “burning out.” In denying yourself a balanced life and failing to devote time to exercise and leisure, you risk the chance of getting burnt out at work. Exercise allows you to focus on your health, both physical and mental. In so doing, it’ll improve your performance at work.

On a similar note, marketing serves an essential role in the well being of your business. Marketing efforts not only attract new customers but can also help you retain your old customers. Although keeping up with your business’s everyday operations is important, you must also remember to work on initiatives that ensure your company’s sustainability. Without the results marketing generates, you wouldn’t have operations to run in the first place! In casting marketing aside, your business may suffer in the long run. If you’re looking for help with forming a marketing plan for your business, grab one of our free marketing plans to get started.

The key to both your personal health and the health of your company is balance. Avoid burnout, avoid loss of business, avoid stagnant operations, and develop your marketing skills and channels.

Remember it’s a Cumulative Effect

In juggling all of your different responsibilities, time becomes your most valuable and limited resource. Rather than allowing extra minutes to tick away, spend them on growing your marketing channels!

The beauty about marketing is that it’s a cumulative project. Every bit of time spent on marketing contributes to the greater scheme of growing your business.

Just like with exercise, every effort counts. If you go to the gym one day out of the whole week, that one day still counts. You still burnt the calories, and you still built onto your muscle strength. You benefit from whatever time you spend exercising- no matter how brief. The same idea applies to how marketing affects your business.

Your marketing activities can be as short as setting up online directories to help with your business’s SEO to something that can be as time-extensive as writing a longform blog post. It all helps create a sustainable business in the long run. Always choose to do something over nothing.

Incorporate Marketing Into Your Routine

Marketing success takes consistency and timeThere are two essential factors in both marketing and exercise; consistency and time. If you incorporate these activities into your daily routine, you’ll be forced to pay attention to these two factors.

The first, consistency, is necessary in order to see measurable results. While every effort counts, the fact of the matter is that the more you do it, the faster you’ll see the benefits. If you work out on a daily basis, you’ll see yourself shed those pounds. Blogging daily will make a significant difference to your business’s online visibility. Sporadic and infrequent efforts aren’t wasted attempts, but consistency will increase your chances of seeing results.

The latter factor, time, is also known as patience. No matter how much cardio you do in one day, or how many weights you lift, the results aren’t visible instantaneously. Similarly, no matter how many social media networks you post to in one day, you won’t necessarily see people rushing through your door immediately after posting.

You are building a personality and identity for your brand through marketing. Doing this takes time, as you establish and shape your brand day by day. That’s why you must keep in mind the long-term results that you’re striving to achieve through your marketing plans.

By sticking to a routine and being consistent, you can reach your goals over time.

Optimize Your Marketing Routine

When you’re starting out at the gym, you might try different machines or classes to figure out what works best for you. Over time, you’ll develop a preference for certain machines. You might also notice that certain workouts will give you better results.

Your marketing plan and goals will evolve as your business grows. As you learn more about your target customers and develop your brand identity, you’ll have to make adjustments to optimize your marketing.

Identify marketing channels and strategies that will be the most effective for your business but will also be compatible with your marketing budget. A great way to start is to figure out which social media network will work the best for your business.

As you’re experimenting, be sure to track your marketing efforts to learn what works best for your audience and for your company. Ultimately, you’ll learn the best practices and be able to spend your “marketing time” efficiently. Allow your efforts to evolve as you discover how to optimize your marketing routine.

Find the Support to Stay Motivated

Well, all of our tips about routines and strategies sound really great, but we realize that none of them solve the problem of motivation. In the world of fitness, many confront this issue by engaging in activities that require a group or buddy. People go to the gym with friends or attend group classes. In so doing, these individuals build a community of supporters as they take on their fitness goals.

You can also create a supportive community for your marketing efforts.

Don’t lose hope when you fail to get any engagement on social media posts. Instead, network with other fellow small business owners (not direct competitors but others in your community) and create a support system in which you share each other’s content. You can also support each other through planning events together, sharing effective strategies, or attending networking events together.

To improve your chances of success, surround yourself with those who will support and guide you towards your potential. Remember, don’t limit yourself to just the business communities around you. You can also find motivation and support online- check out our favorite TED Talks for small business owners.

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