• 5 Tear Jerking Mother’s Day Marketing Videos

Mother’s Day commercials always seem to have a way of making us misty eyed and while consumers are scrambling to make last minute brunch reservations, marketers have been planning for months to make the most out this holiday. Buying a gift for Mother’s Day can trigger a surge of nostalgia and advertisers have cleverly been using those emotions as leverage in their video campaigns.

While the day is fast approaching, it’s not too late to plan your business’s own last minute marketing initiatives for Mother’s Day. Even if your business isn’t in an industry related to Mother’s Day, you can leverage the holiday to increase your social media engagement by sharing the memories of your own mother and connect with your audience.

Evoking nostalgia is a great way to connect with your audience and advertisers are adept at creating tear-jerking commercials. Here are our top five Mother’s Day tear jerkers so grab a box of tissues and enjoy.

1. World’s Toughest Job

Do you have what it takes to do the world’s toughest job? This prank video that went viral last month has garnered nearly 18 million views and attracted many comments. In the video, 24 applicants were interviewed for a job that listed no breaks and no paychecks. The touching twist was that the billions of moms across the world already work “the world’s toughest job”.

2. Procter and Gamble’s Olympic Mother’s Day

Olympic commercials are already inspiring and emotional and Procter and Gamble has upped the anti by including moms into the mix as well.  This P&G’s “Thank You, Mom” ad had so much success that the ad agency has produced a sequel to this video. What adds to this ad’s appeal is how it shows the universal nature of motherhood- moms across the world making sacrifices to support their children.

3.  Publix Mother’s Day Commercial

Publix is a grocery chain store that did a great job tying in humdrum products like mayo and pickles to an intimate and sweet family moment. Instead of selling its products overtly, the products served their role as the backdrop to a short by touching interaction between a mother and her daughter.

4. ETB Blindness

In this Colombian telecommunications company’s ad, a little boy takes an ingenious approach to making a Happy Mother’s Day card for his blind mother. Instead of advertising the product, the commercial focuses on the family’s heartwarming story and celebrating motherhood. Many viewers won’t even be able to guess what product or service ETB sells. Mother’s Day advertising is about connecting to your audience on an emotional level and establishing the values of the business, not necessarily a directly promoting the business.

5. Seeds (through Google Glass)

Despite the inherent creepiness of Google Glass, this ad puts a spin on how the technology could be used for recording powerful moments in your life. The video is a POV film following one young man as he travels from LA to India to tell his mother of his impending fatherhood. While the touching film doesn’t quite negate the privacy concerns about Google Glasses, it does tug at your heartstrings.

If you’re looking for more last minute holiday marketing ideas or free marketing tools to help you create marketing assets for Mother’s Day, check out our Marketing Resources page full of free guides for small business owners. Happy Mother’s Day!

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