• 5 Steps to Boost Your Business in Just 1 Hour


Think you don’t have time to work on your marketing? Think again.

Every business owner has a to-do list miles long, and it’s easy to let advertising slip to the bottom when there are bills to pay, clients to serve, and things to fix.

While you may not have time to become a complete marketing expert overnight, you can be your own DIY-er with a few small touches whenever you get the chance.

Got an hour to spare?

Here are 5 quick marketing “hacks” to boost your business in just 1 hour.

1.  Take 5 new photos of your store, your handiwork, and your team

Quality images make all the difference when it comes down to a customer’s decision to buy, or not to buy. However, good business photography doesn’t require special equipment or professional skills! Just use your own camera (or even your smartphone!) and take clear, focused pictures of your products, your finished work, and the staff that help make it all happen to give customers a good picture of who and what your business is about.

15 minutes

2.  Follow back as many Twitter users as you can in 5 minutes

Everyone loves a follow-back. Customers followed, starred, or retweeted your business on Twitter for reason – return the favor and show your appreciation! Follow as many users as you can who engaged with you in the past, or find new users who’ve shown interest in hashtags or other brands that are relevant to your business. Your customers will feel the love and you may find new ones you never had before!

5 minutes

3.  Respond to 3-5 reviews or comments on Yelp or Facebook

Responding to reviews is about quality, not quantity, so put some time and thought into this one. Monitoring your business’ reputation is important, responding to comments (both negative and positive) is a crucial step. Say thanks to those who loved your work, and apologize to those who didn’t to find out where you went wrong in the relationship. Either way, be genuine and people will appreciate your honesty.

15 minutes

4.  Make notes about website content updates to work towards

Look at your website analytics to see what’s working and what’s not. Which pages get the highest traffic? Which don’t get any traffic at all? Which pages have high bounce rates? Using your analytics as a guide, start making notes of improvements you can make to your content. Outline new pages to write, create better content that answers questions and provides clear calls to action, and look for ways to connect your customers to the information they seek.

15 minutes

5.  Plan your next special offer

Promotions, deals, and special events are surefire ways to get a customer’s attention. Think about any upcoming holidays, milestones for your business, or other reasons to celebrate and bring the savings to your audience. Plan the type of special offer and how you plan to promote it – Instagram contest? Email marketing campaign? Display ad campaign? Get started today!

10 minutes

And you thought you didn’t have time to make a difference for your business!

In just one hour, you managed to improve relations with customers and prove you’re human on social media, you kept an eye on your reputation, your planned great improvements to your marketing materials (and to your customers’ experience), and got details on paper for your next big deal. You turned yourself into your own digital marketing whiz in 60 minutes. Not too shabby!

What will you do next?

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