• 5 Questions to Create an Irresistible Marketing Offer

How to Create an Irresistible Marketing Offer

In a crowded marketplace, what you need is a marketing offer that will attract the attention of potential customers. Through a well-crafted offer, you can attract your target audience, capture their contact information online, and bring them through the sales nurture process. A good marketing offer is a value exchange between you and your audience. In return for valuable information or a potential solution to your prospect’s problems, you’ll receive their contact information.

A marketing offer is sometimes confused with a sales promotion- but there are several defining characteristics of a marketing offer. The key trait of a marketing offer is the value that it provides your audience. Unlike a sales promotion, a marketing offer seeks only to offer information to the consumer- information that can aid in the their problem solving or decision making process.

To craft the perfect offer for your audience, you need to examine what you know about your prospective customers, their challenges, and what type of offers they just can’t say no to. This article will go over five questions that are key to helping you figure out what types of offers would covert visitors into customers for your business.

1. Who is your audience?

To build a solid foundation for your marketing, you must identify who your target customers are to be able to reel them in with an enticing offer. Take a look at your current customers and look for common characteristics and interests.

Think about your customers’ interests and the type of incentives that will motivate them. Facebook is a great platform to test different marketing strategies on your base audience and get feedback from all of your different market segments. Consider the following factors when looking at your customers:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Martial of family status
  • Industry
  • Education level

Next, dig a little deeper and think about your customer’s other characteristics. For example, what are their values? And consider the buying frequency of your target customer.

If you’re looking for more ways to research your target audience, search online for forums or blogs where your audience would voice their opinions on. Check out the comments section of online magazines, conduct surveys, and ask questions on forums like Quora. Other resources like the Pew Internet, the Scarborough, and the Arbitron also have useful information regarding different demographics.

2. What challenges do your customers face?

The next step to understanding the challenges that your customers face- think about what your customers are searching for when they go online looking for a solution. Identify the problem by asking what are the common issues that buying your product or service will solve for. What are the benefits that your customers will have after you present your solution? Again, dig around in forums like Quora or Yahoo Answers to dig for a variety of answers.

3. What are the solutions your business offers?

Think about how your business can uniquely solve your target market’s problems. How do your products or services stand out from those of your competitors’? One way to find a unique selling angle for your business is to take a look at customer complaints on review sites like Yelp. What are they saying about your competitors and what can you do to preemptively address those issues.

4. What can you offer for free to grab your prospect’s attention?

Now take all that you have learned about your target market, their needs, and how your business uniquely solves for their problems to help you brainstorm for what type of offers your audience would gravitate towards.

Your irresistible marketing offer should complement whatever products or services you’re selling but also be in a format that your audience would be receptive towards. For example, if you business’s demographic is very young, offers in form of dense and informational white papers would probably not work as well as an engaging newsletter.

There are a myriad of formats your marketing offer can take including eBooks, webinars, presentations, case studies, templates, free trials or demos, free consultations, guides, and much more. Lastly, make sure to place your offer behind a form so that you can capture prospective customers’ contact information in exchange for your offer.

5. What can you offer that’s so irresistible, people just have to sign up for?

How can you make your offer seem irresistible? By increasing the perceived value of your offer and decreasing ay potential risk to your audience. How can you increase the perceived value of your offer? Connect with your customers on high pain and urgency values that will grab their attention. Increase their confidence with your business by creating an offer that’s believable and convey the uniqueness of your solution to their problem.

There are also many steps you can take to decrease the potential risk of your offer in the eyes of your audience. Gathering endorsements, testimonials, or adding social proof to your website is one way. Reducing or eliminating any uncertainty during the sign up process by adding a guarantee also helps.

Now that you have created a marketing offer that’s tailored to your audience, the next step is to set up and promote your new offer. Download our free eBook “How to Create an Irresistible Marketing Offer” to launch your marketing offer!


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