• 5 Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day Marketing

5 Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day Marketing

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re like most business owners, you’re constantly looking for ways to engage your customers or potential ones. Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to reach out to your customers, even if your business isn’t directly related to the industries that usually benefit from this holiday. We’ve come up with a list of five last-minute Valentine’s Day marketing ideas to add to your February marketing that you can execute easily to boost your business’s relations with your customers.

5 Last Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day Marketing

Create a Valentine’s Day Promotion

You don’t have to be a business that sells candy, flowers, or jewelry to benefit from Valentine’s Day. Even if your service or products isn’t related to the holiday, you can still have Valentine’s Day promotions. The strategy? Instead of encouraging your customers to buy gifts for their significant others, you should send them a special offer as your “gift” to them. Seize the opportunity to show your customers how much you value them.

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If your business’s product or service is related to Valentine’s Day, then you’re in luck. Don’t think it’s too late for Valentine’s Day advertising. Over 60% of all Valentine’s Day spending happens within the five days before and on the 14th. Promote products and offers to “last minute” shoppers. Make it easy for your customers to grab last minute gifts by extending business hours on Valentine’s Day.

Make a Valentine Themed Facebook Cover Photo

Changing your cover photo to a holiday-themed one is a simple way to engage your fans. It may not make a difference in terms of bringing you more business in the short run, but it does reflect goodwilll or just a way to share information about extended business hours and special promotions you’re running. Use it to show your customers some love, which helps build customer loyalty.

Create a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Since Valentine’s Day is notorious for last minute shoppers panicking to find the right gift for their loved ones, use to this opportunity to help your customers out by coming up with a list of gift ideas or a Valentine’s Day gift guide. You can write one for products or services that you sell or even make gift suggestions for ones that you don’t offer at your business. The goal is for you to help your customers find something they’ll want to give to their loved ones and not necessarily about selling or promoting your business directly. By suggesting great gift ideas to your customers and helping them solve their problem, you’re building a relationship and good will with them. Remember to share your gift ideas on all your social media platforms.

Email Your Customers a Valentine’s Day Card

If you have an email list, send your subscribers a Happy Valentine’s Day card and include a special offer promotion along with it. Again, you can market your offer as a special “gift” for your loyal customers instead of promoting products or services for your customers to buy for their loved ones. This email functions as a “Thank You” card and gives you a great excuse to reach out to your customers again in a nonintrusive way.

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Build Testimonials From Customers

Whether you’re contacting your email subscribers, blogging, or posting on social media, Valentine’s Day offers you the opportunity to reach out to your fans and ask them to give your business a little love in form of reviews or testimonials. It’s just a friendly reminder to those who have had a good experience with your business to reengage. It’s easy to get good reviews online. Remember not to be too pushy and perhaps, you can incentivize them by offering them a special promotion.

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