• 5 Great Superbowl Commercials to Inspire Small Business Owners

It’s that time of the year; the time when everyone is rooting for their team, getting ready to watch the game… and the commercials: Superbowl XLVII is here!

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At ThriveHive we know that videos are a great way to engage with customers, but many times small business owners tell us that they don’t have any creative ideas that would be good for promoting their business.

We want to share with you some of our favorite Superbowl ads, most of which you could have filmed with a very limited budget. They showcase how creativity and thinking out of the box can result in a memorable video that really promotes your brand. We hope this will be an inspiration for all of you to film your own videos!

#1 Volkswagen, (2011) Superbowl Commercial – “Darth Vader”

The simplicity of this commercial makes it awesome. You could have filmed something like this on your porch with your son or daughter! Notice the story building up with the suspense and the big punchline at the end. It makes us think of the potential of creativity and thinking out the box when promoting our products and services.

#2 E-Trade, (2008) Superbowl Commercial – Etrade “Baby”

This commercial offers something unexpected and that’s why it’s so captivating. It’s so simple yet so engaging!

#3 Google, (2010) Superbowl Commercial – Parisian Love

You might notice a trend in our favorite commercials, they all tell a story. They set the context and then take an unexpected angle to create that story. This commercial has the genius of showcasing Google’s main search box as the place where the story happens and leaves the audience to imagine the details. There is no better way to make their product (search) shine!

#4 Wendy’s, (1984) Superbowl Commercial – Where’s the beef?

This classic from the 80’s shows us how Wendy’s set the tone for competition. They had a better burger and they weren’t afraid to ask their competitors how they stacked up to the challenge. Where’s the beef became an iconic catch phrase for many years and it’s still remembered by many.

#4 Snickers, (2012) Superbowl Commercial – You’re Not You When You’re Hungry

Once again, the unexpected events and the funny explanation make this commercial one of our favorites. You might not be able to get Betty White to act in your video, but you can come up with a clever and unexpected story that ends up with a funny explanation that your audience will love, remember, and share.

Hopefully these examples of Superbowl Commercials that we love inspire you and spark your creativity to come up with a great video idea for your small business! Remember you can film your own video in a few simple steps without spending a huge amount of money. Another important thing is to use big events like the Superbowl to your advantage; read our post on “How to advertise your small business during the superbowl without spending $4MM”. Once you start creating this video content to jumpstart your marketing you will want to measure the benefits, start tracking the results of your marketing with ThriveHive.

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