• 5 Digital Resolutions for 2015


At the start of any new year, we make wishes and promises for what we’d like to see in our lives in the coming 12 months. We resolve to be better, do better, and achieve great things.

But why stop there?

This year, resolve to do all that and more for your business.

Get started in 2015 with a few Digital New Year’s Resolutions:


This year, I will…

  • Try a new social network I’ve been avoiding.

Whether you’ve got accounts and just don’t use them or haven’t even dipped a toe in, social media is nothing to be afraid of. Networks like Facebook and Twitter have made some big changes in the past year, so they might not even look the same as the last time you looked! Don’t be intimidated — dive into social this year!

  • Target the right customers, not all the customers.

Don’t waste precious budget and time showing your ads to customers who just don’t care. Rather than showing up for a wide swatch and seeing what sticks, use day-parting and audience targeting to narrow your SEM and Display campaigns down to potential customers who are most likely to show interest in your business.

  • Brand my business with consistent imagery.

Nothing makes your business more recognizable than a great logo. Help customers near and far recognize your company at a single glance and build trust and familiarity with your business. Once your logo is an established part of your branding, your whole image becomes cohesive and memorable.

  • Embrace technology that makes my business stand out.

It’s easy to be nervous about new technology, especially when it can be expensive. But the future is now, and there’s no better time to get in on cool new ways to market your business like video ads! Embrace the exciting new media at your fingertips for sharing your products and reaching customers wherever they may be.

  • Get in touch with my customers.

There’s no better way to engage a potential customer than through genuine conversation. Live Chat features let you answer their questions in the moment, so no customer leaves your site confused or uninformed. Build great relationships from the get-go and people will tell tales of their good experiences with your business.

Put your best business foot forward in 2015 and resolve to do great things. Put your fears aside and let these 5 New Year’s Resolutions guide your business forward this year!

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