• 5 Digital New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business


As the holidays come and go and we kick off the New Year, it’s time to start evaluating your marketing efforts. Consider it a clean slate. You may have worked with digital marketing in the past with little or great success, or this digital world might be completely new to you, but it doesn’t matter. Start off the year on the right foot with some digital resolutions, and you can look forward to a very successful 2013.

Give the gift of engagement!
Having an account on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. is great – until a potential client stumbles upon the page and finds no information, no posts, and no engagement. Commit to managing your accounts and engaging customers. If that means deleting a few profiles and only focusing on one or two, that’s fine. You’re better off having one content-rich and enticing Facebook business page, than 5 empty social media pages.

Make a listing – and check it twice!
Make sure your business’ information is consistent across the web. Have you switched locations, updated a phone number/email address, or built a new website? You need to make sure that information is complete and updated everywhere. You don’t want to turn away a potential client because they can’t find you or get in contact with you. Check and update your business listings and start fresh in 2013.

‘Tis the season to be mobile!
With the number of smartphone users continually increasing, it is more important than ever to get your business mobile-friendly. Whether you build a mobile-optimized website, or opt for responsive design, having a site that fits well and is user-friendly on mobile devices can make the difference between getting that customer’s business or not.

Don’t let anyone else put you on the naughty list!
Get your company into a reputation monitoring/reputation management program. A negative review online can really hurt your brand when someone else is looking for information. Know what is being said about your business and respond to it with some quality customer service.

Don’t let the ball drop when it comes to being found!
Once you have a website, social pages, and online listings, the trick is to be found. With immediate solutions such as a Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, and long-term remember bad experiences much more than good experiencesSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), there are plenty of options for your business to explore based on your budget and capabilities. If you have a great website and product, you want people to find you. Don’t get lost in the mix!

The new year is the perfect time to shake up your marketing plan. Be strategic with your digital resolutions: aiming too big too quickly could end in a letdown and unsuccessful year. Take the time to enjoy yourself this holiday season, and then nail out a plan that works for your business to make 2013 a winner.


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