• 5 Digital FAQs


Some questions are asked repeatedly throughout the digital world. After a while, you would think the answers would become common knowledge. They’re not. But that’s ok!

People are funny – some just don’t ask. Some are always asking questions. Then there are some that are long-time readers, first-time typers and finally make the words flow through the keys to ask the question into the abyss of the web.

Whatever bucket you fall into, according to industry experts, we’ve got some burning questions that might satisfy your digital thirst and answer a few common queries:

1. Why is my new website not showing up on Google?

Responsive websites are digital storefronts for many businesses. It’s important that they show up properly in search engines and that they are well-designed. How does that happen? Is it a one-and-done project? Hardly. Responsive websites are always growing in presence, relevance, and placement. Once you have a responsive site ready to launch, making it visible takes indexing. If Google doesn’t index it, your site won’t appear in search results for customers to find you.

What is Google indexing? It is a behind-the-scenes web crawl that determines pagerank and more or less how you are discovered based on search criteria. You may also hear about “spiders,” which is just a term used when Google is crawling your site to index your pages so they know what topics your pages cover and for what searches you would be most relevant.

Google can take up to 2 weeks to index a site, so hang in there and wait it out. You’ll soon have customers flocking to your website when they search for your services, and shopping carts flying to your virtual storefront faster than to the toy section at Target on Black Friday.  

2. Ok, my site has been indexed. What’s next? How do I get more hits on my site?  

Wanting any and all traffic is not necessarily what you need. It’s better to receive slower, qualified traffic than a flood of traffic that won’t convert to sales. A convertible lead is what you are ultimately looking for from your website visitors, right?

Just driving traffic to your website can be good, but you want the people that truly have an interest and will make a purchase. Here is the best way to draw the traffic you want to your site:

3. Why are we not progressing in Keyword Rank, isn’t that the point of SEO? 

SEO is moving onto bigger and better things. It is no longer the era of keyword-focused Search Engine Optimization. Keywords have fallen way down on the list of essentials for optimizing your site correctly. Time on site, bounce rate, and other analytics data are now the main courses at the SEO party. 

So what should you be paying attention to? Focus on quality content, providing your site visitors with the answers and information they’re seeking, and ensure your metadata is updated. 

4. Why am I not receiving calls with my SEM campaign?

Search Engine Marketing is all about receiving phone calls and leads. So why aren’t you receiving calls? Well, this could mean several things:  

  • Do you have a landing page and a call to action?  
  • Are you bidding well in the auctions?
  • Are you over-pacing or under-pacing in spending your month’s budget?  
  • How is your geo target?  
  • Are you actually able to track your leads to turn them into the coveted conversions?

If these terms sound way too complicated, be sure to set up time with your marketing professional.

5. Where’s the ROI and what’s the point?

It’s important to have the right expectations for what you want to see from your various digital campaigns. You have to be patient in some respects and be creative at the same time. Be willing to put the time in to gain the site traffic and indexing which will ultimately lead to sales and your pocket profit.

Learn what you can do to make the best out of your marketing campaigns, and get the most out of your dollars spent.

Once you have all the elements in place, you’ll have a better view of the whole digital “map” and which path to take to become a virtual sensation. Just keep these in mind as top drivers:

  • A highly functional website with strong, expressive content  
  • Site navigation that is easy to maneuver

Remember – technology and the digital landscape are always changing, don’t be afraid to change along the way!

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