• 5 Benefits of a Business Blog

Benefits of Blogging for Business

Starting a business blog can be daunting. Maintaining a blog requires a lot of time, energy, and resources. So before committing to that investment, you might be wondering, “What is a business blog going to do for me? Is starting a business blog worth it?” We’ve illustrated just a few of the benefits of a business blog to help you understand why this organic strategy can help grow your digital audience and, in turn, grow your business.

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Benefits of Blogging for Business

5 Ways Blogging Benefits Your Business

1 | Builds a Bridge Between Your Audience and Your Brand

The key to a successful business blog is to create interesting, educational, and even entertaining content that people actually want to read. If a blog post feels too much like an advertisement, your audience is more likely to bounce. Interesting, shareable content gives your audience an opportunity to get to know your brand or company and gives you an opportunity to build and nurture relationships. Engaging with potential customers via blog content allows you to build trust, and engaging with current customers allows you to build loyalty.

2 | Shows Your Expertise

Your blog content needs to be interesting and clickable, but it also has to relate to your business or brand. Sharing comedic memes about the Kardashians isn’t going to convert your readers into customers. Give them content that provides answers to their questions and solutions to their problems—questions and problems that relate to your business. Show your audience that you’re the expert in your field or industry. Build trust with them so that in the future, when they have a question or problem related to your product or service, they’ll come to you first and trust you over all of your competitors. Plus, establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry or field can garner attention from your competitors, potential industry partners, media, and more.

3 | Drives Traffic to Your Site

Internet users spend over 450 minutes consuming media every day (Source: Recode). That is a lot of potential for your business to get in front of customers via your business blog. While there are other ways to attract customers to your website, like search engine marketing and online ads, building a strong business blog is an inexpensive way to do it. Garnering organic traffic from good SEO and by creating clickable and shareable content for social media can bring users to your site who think they’re just getting some interesting info. Then, once they’re on your website, you have the opportunity to build a relationship with them and capture their information to advertise them later.

4 | Generates Leads

So if your blog is a soft-sell strategy, how do you translate that engagement to actual sales? Once you’ve built a level of trust and loyalty with your readers, they’re more willing to offer you some information by signing up for your mailing list. Bait them with a great blog title, hook them with great content, and then reel them in with a solid call to action (CTA). Be sure that every blog page has opportunities for readers to provide their email address for you. Ask them to sign up for your email newsletter at the bottom of your blog, in the margins, or in the form of a pop-up. Tell them that by signing up, you’ll keep them up to date on your latest and greatest content. But remember that you won’t build trust and convert readers to customers unless you can first invest your time and resources into producing quality content.

5 | Provides Audience Insights

Hopefully, you’re already using tools like Google Analytics to get to know your audience better.  You can gain the same kind of insights from analyzing the behavior and characteristics of your blog’s readers. They may not be customers yet, but they are potential customers, and learning as much as you can about them—from where they live and their ages, to how much time they spend on your site and where on the web they came from—can help you tailor your future content to them, which will make your relationship stronger and build even more trust. Plus, feedback in the form of comments on your blog and on your social media posts about your blog can be incredibly valuable. This type of data and feedback can also be valuable to your product team as they continue to fine-tune your offerings.


Connecting your audience to your brand, showing your expertise, driving traffic to your site, generating leads, and obtaining audience insights are just five of the many reasons your business should have a blog. If you’re looking to start blogging for your business but aren’t sure where to start, try our free eBook below!

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