10 July 4th Marketing Campaigns and Promotions

Independence Day, or the 4th of July, is the most important (and fun!) holiday of the summer. All businesses can make an effort to show their American pride and implement July 4th marketing campaigns. We’ve compiled some patriotic marketing ideas to help you promote your business for the 4th of July.

4th of July Marketing Campaigns and Promotions

1. 4th of July Discounts

Many businesses hold special sales or promotions this time of year. Why? Because it works!

Promote sales and specials for the 4th of July. The product or services don’t have to be patriotic to be marketed as a July 4th special—the fact that you’re running the promotion during the holiday week is good enough! If you do happen to have red, white, and blue as part of your products, even better!

2. Hand Out Free Stuff

Give away special 4th of July swag (free stuff) for customers who shop the sale or come in to your business during the holiday weekend. If your business is participating in a local event with a booth, hand out free patriotic swag like fake tattoos, sunglasses, red, white, and blue jewelry, or glow sticks!

July 4th marketing campaigns and promotions

If you offer these for free in exchange for potential customers’ email addresses, this is an easy and fast way to grow your email list. Take pictures of customers in the free stuff to document the fun day! Follow up by posting the pictures on your blog or social media after the holiday and send out an email to all those collected email addresses with a new customer special offer and a link to the pictures that you took.

3. Co-Host a Sidewalk Sale

If your business gets ample foot traffic, take advantage and host a sidewalk sale. Team up with other local business owners to make even more of an impact.

This promotion can be profitable during a holiday. Set up a table outside of popular products that people may need to celebrate. This will catch the attention of those that walk by and can be especially successful if your shop is near local community events. Team up with another local business to sell your products together. If your community is hosting contests or raffles, be sure to donate a prize!

4. Wear Red, White, and Blue

Stock your business with holiday merchandise. Customers will be looking for red, white, and blue themed clothing, accessories, and even patriotic colored food items. In addition to being prepared with 4th of July necessities, another way to get in the spirit is to decorate your storefront. Showcase red, white, and blue merchandise or just decorate for the holiday!

But don’t stop there—highlight your holiday decor or goodies on social media so that your followers can enjoy your effort. Make red, white, and blue desserts, fruit platters, or cocktails and post them on social media.  This shows customers you are in the celebratory spirit and gets them excited about using your business. When customers are scrolling through their Instagram feed deciding on a restaurant to eat in this weekend, they will flock to the social media savvy restaurant with the fancy 4th of July desserts!

July 4th marketing campaigns and promotions

5. Patriotic Sales Offers and Promotions

If you’re running offers for the 4th of July, promote them on social media so that customers know to shop at your store. Promoting posts with merchandise on social media or even setting up a Facebook ad with a patriotic offer are fast ways to get the word out about a sale, promotion, or party to attract new and old customers. Facebook ads are cheap and easy to do—you can customize for your current audience and or an audience with similar demographics.

6. 4th of July Blog Prompts

If you run a regular blog on your business website, write 4th of July themed posts to get your readers into the patriotic spirit. Depending on your business, the options are endless with what you share. Some examples include:

  • July 4th Fashion Inspiration: Share some red, white, and blue outfit ideas with your store’s merchandise, or compile ideas found on Pinterest and explain why you like them.
  • Red, White, and Blue Desserts/Cocktails/Foods/Fruit Platters: Post a pictures or a video tutorial to share a patriotic recipe. Everyone will love your grandmother’s homemade apple pie recipe!
  • 4th of July Family Friendly Activities: July 4th is a big family holiday, so chances are there will be plenty of reunions and get-togethers. Share some fun outdoor games, outing ideas, or kid-friendly crafts.
  • Fireworks Safety Tips: The quintessential part of the big day? Fireworks! Although beautiful, these sparklers can be very dangerous, so warn your customers to be careful.
  • DIY Patriotic Decor: Not only do people want to have patriotic food displays, but they want to decorate their homes when hosting parties! Share some easy ideas to make some fun decor that won’t break the bank.
  • Post July 4th Workout Plan: No one counts calories on holidays, so people are bound to feel guilty the day after. Share some simple exercise ideas to get customers back into the swing of things. For example: “Run 4 miles or repeat each exercise 4x for the 4th of July.”

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7. Participate in Local Events

Chances are, there are a ton of events in your community for the 4th of July. Whether it’s a parade or a town center fair, make an appearance and promote your business. If there’s an opportunity to have a booth or table, hop on it and make sure you showcase your best products.

If you can participate in the parade or events, make sure you give out candy, coupons, or samples. These events are perfect for networking and engaging new potential customers that have ties to your area and shop small or local.

July 4th marketing campaigns and promotions

Don’t forget to document the events! Take pictures in town or even just pictures of how other local businesses are celebrating and post on social media. Make sure to tag the other businesses on Facebook and Twitter to spread the love for other local small businesses.

8. Show Patriotism on Social Media

Don’t forget to keep up your social presence and post pictures of your store, employees, or customers celebrating our country. Make sure to wish everyone a happy holiday, and then share other related posts showing your red, white, and blue spirit. Change your Facebook or Twitter cover photos, send out email specials, or post holiday graphics on Instagram. Check out these Summer Holiday Social Media Graphics included in our Summer Marketing Kit!

free 4th of july graphics

If you’re open during the holiday because you’re a restaurant or another service business, make sure to notify customers so they stop by. Have employees dress up and post pictures of the celebratory fun they’re having.

Create a DIY photo booth with a patriotic background and props for customers to get into the spirit as well. This can be done inexpensively and the reward of happy, engaged customers is worth more than that! Include a custom hashtag and encourage customers to use it and share the fun pictures they take. Share their pictures, tagging them in your shares to increase the organic reach of your posts.

9. Use Holiday Hashtags

Make a point to use relevant hashtags during the July 4th weekend. Hashtag marketing will extend the reach of your business and can help you find new customers. Hashtags extend the reach of your posts in order to find new followers and expand your social presence. People looking up certain hashtags will find yours and check out your profile.

Some examples of what might be trending are #July4th, #4thofJuly, #IndependenceDay, #starsandstripes, #redwhiteandblue, #fireworks, #America, as well as something custom to your town. With whatever event your town is hosting, make sure to tag it with the town and the event and see what other users might be using. Chances are there is something specific to distinguish the pictures that you can use.

10. Run an Instagram giveaway or contest

Host a selfie contest on Instagram to give away some patriotic swag or just something special from your store. Everyone is in the celebratory spirit, so this is a great way to engage users to share their excitement. Encourage followers take pictures in their patriotic attire, or patriotic pictures using your products and tag and hashtag the picture to notify you. Share your favorite pictures on your social media accounts to increase social media engagement.

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How do you show your stars and stripes? No matter what you do, have a fun and safe holiday! 

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