• 40 Great Email Subject Lines

great email subject lines

When it comes to email lead generation, the first thing a potential customer sees when they receive an email is the subject line. It’s fun and sometimes easy to write funny or witty subject lines, but the professional subject lines are more challenging. Whether you’re a lawyer, dentist, accountant, or consultant, or are just looking to improve the quality of your emails, these tips and examples will help you create professional subject lines that work for you.

great email subject lines

Tips for Creating the Best Email Subject Lines

The first thing you need to do before coming up with good subject lines is to know what you’re doing. Here are some tips on creating email subject lines that work for your email campaigns:

  • Deliver ONE clear message for each email—the subject line should apply to the entire email.
  • Email Subject Line Length—be brief and keep subject lines around 30 characters long.
  • Be obvious—tell your email recipient exactly what to do (review us, download this, register here).
  • Avoid SPAM subject lines—all caps and words like “GUARANTEED” will turn people away.
  • Quantify value—use numbers to show readers exactly what they can expect.
  • Personalize your emails—use information from previous conversations.

Introduction Email Subject Lines

Making an introduction via email to a potential client or business connection is commonplace nowadays. Networking via email is an efficient use of people’s valuable time. Here are some business email subject lines examples for making an introduction.

  • Introduction to Sammy from Sammy’s Cafe
  • Hello from ThriveHive
  • Introduction to a Freelance Writer
  • Blogger Introduction
  • Meet Robert from your Alumni Network

Follow Up Email Subject Line

Follow up emails are essential in business, sales, and networking. Many people shy away from follow up emails, feeling that they’re nagging or bothering the recipient. The truth is that people are busy and unless you follow up, you are liable to forget people you’ve met, events you want to attend, or promised introductions. If you need to “ping” someone, try one of these follow-up email subject lines.

  • Following up from the Small Business Expo
  • Charity Sponsorship Information
  • Follow Up re: Marketing Plan
  • Here’s the Budget Template we discussed
  • Great to meet you at  Speed Networking last night!
  • Free Coffee for Marketing Advice?
  • Touching base re: Gutter Cleaning Estimate

Subject Lines for Invitation Emails

Everyone likes to be invited to events, but the best way to get a good response is by sending an email with an inviting subject line. Make sure your subject lines catch the attention of your readers so they open the email. These sample subject lines are a great starting off point to fill up your next professional event or party.

  • Free Workshop: Intro to Salesforce
  • You’re Invited to Startup Success Breakfast
  • Wednesday: Yappy Hour 6PM at the Bark Park
  • Don’t Miss Out…Football Tailgate Party
  • Lunch and Learn: What to Know about Estate Planning

Thank You Email Subject Lines

Showing gratitude is a very powerful thing in business. Here are some ways to say thank you in email subject lines to let customers and business connections know how grateful you are for their support.

  • Thank you for your review!
  • Thanks for attending Night at the Zoo
  • We appreciate your support!
  • Special Thanks from our CEO
  • Jodi, thank you for your donation!

Reminder Email Subject Lines

If you’re hosting an event, it’s essential to send reminder emails to invitees and registrants. Reminder emails serve to nudge people who haven’t responded to your invite and remind attendees of the upcoming event. These email subject lines should be catchy to get someone’s attention. Here are some gentle yet effective reminder email subject lines for your emails.

  • Reminder: Mingle for a Mission
  • Workshop Reminder: How to Build a Resume
  • Don’t Forget to Use Your Coupon
  • Your Gift Card is Expiring!
  • Event Tomorrow | Register today!

Customer Appreciation Subject Lines

Customers are the lifeblood of a business and many small businesses have customer loyalty programs in place to show appreciation. Whether you have a loyalty program, or just want to send a special thanks to your loyal customers, here are some subject lines to send from your business to show your customer appreciation.

  • VIP Edition: September Deals
  • Special Invite for Loyal Customers
  • Customer Appreciation Sale
  • Introducing our Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Exclusive Event to Show our Appreciation

Example Subject Lines to Ask for Reviews

Online reviews on Yelp and Google+ are hard to get, but can do a lot to boost your business’s reputation and SEO. While it’s ok solicit feedback from customers, it’s not kosher to offer monetary incentives for reviews. Make sure that when you ask for reviews, you do so from a feedback perspective and not in exchange for money. Here are some subject lines to help get those 5-star reviews.

  • Satisfied with Smile Dental? Review us on Yelp!
  • How was your service at ZenSpa?
  • Thanks for visiting! Here’s a link to submit your review
  • Please share your experience with us!
  • Let’s be friends—Like and Review us on Facebook!

These examples should give you an idea of the types of email subject lines that can work for your business. Like anything in marketing, keep track of the success of your email blasts or newsletters that you send out to see what customers and prospects are opening and responding to.

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