• 4 Fast Ways to Use Service for Success


You know how important customer service can be to the success of your business. How do you integrate it into the everyday?

By following a few simple steps, your business will not only reap the benefits of great service, but could also emerge as an innovative thought leader in your industry.

Develop a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System: Route your customer support questions to the right people automatically and reduce overall resolution times with the use of 3rd party software. Live Chat features and direct email access to specific departments can be invaluable to your integration efforts.

Open Lines of Communication: Meet regularly to discuss internal initiatives, cohesive voice and messaging, promotions, customer issues, and new ideas. You can increase your marketing effectiveness and get a detailed view of buyer personas.

Give Customer Service Reps Access to Info: Openly share webinars, Google docs, eBooks, and promotional materials with your employees to spread the word and foster learning. When Customer Service can integrate all your knowledge into their own, your customers can too.

Showcase the Positive: Every marketing and management team should use feedback from their Customer Service reps to learn and adapt strategies. Use their front lines insight to find satisfied customers for case studies, testimonials, and effective content that works.

We live in a digital world. Everything comes to us at the push of a button, the sweep of a finger. But, by investing time and energy into connecting marketing and management with Customer Service, we can come back to what is truly important in any business initiative: human relationships.

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