• 4 Email Landing Page Tips to Get More Conversions

Email Landing Page Tips and Examples to Increase Conversions

When you send a solid marketing email to your subscribers, you expect them to take some sort of action. It can be either to buy your products, subscribe to a newsletter, download an eBook or register for an event. The email is just a gateway for your users to be introduced to the offer. Remaining details of the offer are explained in the landing page.

Every CTA in an email should be linked to a specific landing page that features details of the offer and allows readers to obtain it. For your subscribers to be completing the action, you need to have well-built landing pages that appeal to them and persuade them to take action. Pairing up your emails with perfect landing pages will help you to boost your conversion rates.

Email Landing Page Tips and Examples to Increase Conversions

4 Email Landing Page Tips and Examples to Boost Your Conversions

Here are some design tips to create landing pages for emails that actually convert. Make sure you follow these to create the perfect synergy between your brand’s emails and landing pages.

1. Give a Matching Title

The landing page linked to your email should be only about the product/offer that your email is promoting. The title of your email and the landing page should be same. This will help the users to connect with your brand and will keep them focused on the offer being promoted in the email. If the landing page contains something other than the offer mentioned in the email, the subscribers are likely to lose trust in your brand.

Check out this email from Bespoke and its corresponding landing page.

Email Landing Page Tips to Get More Conversions

Email Landing Page Tips to Get More Conversions Bespoke landing page


Here the title and images in the email and landing page are same, which makes it easy for the viewers to relate to it and move forward to make the purchase. The product displayed in the email is further elaborated in detail in the landing page which contains no extra information other than that of the main product. This builds trust in your subscribers and they are more likely to make a purchase.

2. Include Relevant Offer Details

When a customer clicks on the CTA of an email, he should be taken to a landing page that is focused on a single task. The entire landing page should revolve around the core offer that the email offers. Avoid including any link or tab or image that is not related to the offer. This will make it easy for the customer to complete the action.

Here’s an amazing example with Jamf’s email and its respective landing page:

email landing page email example jamf


email landing pages example jamf

Here, the CTA in the email says “Create Your Free Account” and the landing page linked to it repeats the offer and information and provides a form to create an account. The landing page includes only a short form and a targeted CTA with no other distracting elements. This way, the viewers are more likely to fill the form.

3. Keep the Design and Layout Consistent

It is necessary that all your emails have a unique and well-designed landing page. If your email enticed them to click-through, make sure the landing page also persuades them to stay on the page and complete the action. Make sure the design and layout of your email and landing page are similar and consistent, with a single theme.

Take a look at this email and landing page of J. Hilburn.

email landing page exampleemail landing page email example


The email focuses on their product 3-in-1 jacket and the corresponding landing page simply describes the features of it. The landing page is a continuation of the email. The consistent image, title, and theme give the viewers all the details that they should know about the product.

4. Target the right audience

Like email marketing, you need to keep your landing pages focused on the specific target audience. Your landing pages should serve selected prospects with specific needs. To get conversions, you need to focus on a specific set of audiences rather than targeting a large set of people. Instead of redirecting users to the company’s homepage, build specific landing pages for each email or offering by your brand. This will increase the chances of conversion.

Have a look at the following email and landing page from Intercom.

email landing page tips examples email

email landing page tips examples landing page


This email is targeted to a specific set of people who have been invited to check out the marketing book for startups. The landing page is targeted to the right audience and includes only relevant information.

Wrapping Up

Try using these tips in your next email campaign and see your email conversions soar. With a perfectly linked and designed landing pages, you give your prospects a chance to make decisions about your brand’s offerings. Keep your design and content as relevant as possible and maintain your brand identity to move your prospects a step closer to becoming customers.

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