• 3 Tips to Maximize Your Email Marketing ROI

3 Tips to Maximize Your Email Marketing ROI

Email marketing does not have to be difficult.

The idea itself can sound daunting – especially if you aren’t a “wordsmith” or a copywriter.

Marketing jargon aside, email marketing is nothing more than sharing an actionable item with a group of users who should know about it. Constructing this message – and this actionable item – comes down to three basic questions: why, how, and who:

  1. Why am I sending an email?
  2. How do I get your attention?
  3. Who is my target audience?

If you can answer these three questions, you will be in great position to have an effective email marketing campaign.

3 Tips to Maximize Your Email Marketing ROI

Why am I sending an email?

Please do not overthink this. Figuring out why you are sending an email is (probably) the most important question to answer, but not the most difficult.

In some types of digital media, you’re recommended to steer clear of being too “salesy” in your communication. However, with direct emails, it can be encouraged. People understand direct emails: their sole purpose is to communicate a promotional message. 7 in 10 people say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email the week prior.

For ideas, direct emails could be sent out for:

  • Announcement of a savings/promotional weekend
  • Introduction of a new product or line
  • Share a special offer or incentivized price-point

Once this focus is determined, make sure it’s everywhere! Have this action loud and clear all over your email copy. Use bold links and clearly-labeled buttons for the user to immediately act.

  • View Our Inventory!
  • Redeem This Offer!
  • Get a Free Quote!

Whatever your action is, make sure you have a coordinated message on the landing page as well. For the actionable item promoted via email, have the landing page (where they click through to) align with your message or purpose. That is, when they click within your email, make sure they’re sent directly to your website’s page about that product, offer, or appointment request. If you make it easy, the conversions will happen.

How do I get your attention?

Obviously, users cannot take advantage of your incentive unless they read it. Ensure your direct emails get opened by incorporating an attention-grabbing subject line. Be sure your headline is quick, punchy, and straight-to-the-point. You can’t overstate the importance of a quality headline, as 33% of email recipients open emails based on the subject line alone.

  • Exclusive Deal For Our Favorite Customers
  • Save 30% off MSRP – This Weekend Only
  • How to Insulate Your Home at Half the Cost

It’s important to note: while crafting your exciting, concise subject line, there are certain words to avoid. Some phrases can trigger spam filters, sending your email straight to the Junk Folder and losing a potential view, click, and conversion.

Words to skip?

  • Free, Cash, $$$, Bargain, Price, Profit, !
  • Avoid, Leave, Lose, Never, Remove, Success

Once you write your subject line – one that aligns with your message and call-to-action – you are almost ready to click send! You have an actionable incentive and you have a subject line to grab attention. Now it’s time to determine who to send it to.

Who is my target audience?

The audience for any email campaign can be narrowed down to two key segments: existing customers and new customers. Where targeting existing customers is reliant on your own CRM or database, targeting a new set of potential customers typically comes down to a purchased list.

Determining which path to go down (existing vs. new) goes back to our first question – why am I sending an email? Am I looking to secure repeat business or am I hoping to find a new group of customers?

For direct emails being sent to recipients NOT in your customer database, the lists available to use can be very pointed and targeted. Similar to other marketing efforts, audience can be identified by a number of different factors:

  • Geographic (your city, county, state, country)
  • Demographic (gender, age range, household income, ethnicity)
  • Behavior (interests, purchasing intentions)

Are you a store selling tools and power equipment with a promotional weekend coming up? You could build a list of email recipients in a 25-mile radius around your location, who are male and over 30, with interests in yard/house maintenance and have shown an intent to purchase a new lawn mower. Yup – it can be that specific!

Work with your digital marketing team to determine what lists – and what filters – are available to your business and goals. Sending the right message to the right inboxes can ensure a highly successful campaign.

Is email marketing right for me?

A quality email marketing campaign comes down to three basic questions: why am I sending an email, how do I plan to grab attention, and whose attention should I be trying to reach?

If you’re on the fence about sending a direct email – don’t be! There is plenty of data to back up this tried and true marketing tool and show the ROI potential.

See you in my inbox!

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