• 24/7 Customer Service with Live Chat Engagement


What’s better than a friendly, personable, and well-informed staff member on the floor talking to customers? One that’s available 24/7!

A detailed answer to a question can go a long way in establishing relationships (and making sales). But providing excellent customer service online can be a challenge. 

Think about it: your customers work during the same business hours you keep, so it’s likely that they’re not researching companies and services online until their off-hours. That means your store is closed, and you’re not answering your phone or checking emails. 

Those off-hours visits don’t have to be a lost opportunity.

Live Chat – a feature added to your company website – allows customers to interact, in real-time, with a friendly and engaged customer service representative. 

The best part? Live Chat’s customer service is available 24/7, whether you’re open or not!

Live Chat allows you to be there for your customers when they’re researching your business on their own time, so you’re not limited to your 9-5 business hours.

Why is real-time customer service so important?

  • 81% of consumers look online before visiting your store
  • 79% of consumers feel that technology empowers them with information
  • 88% of shoppers made their final purchase in-store


  • 83% of customers require some amount of support when researching purchases online

Your customers are already researching local businesses and services online, in order to make informed purchase decisions. It’s crucial to be there for them and help them make the decision to choose your business.

Resolve customer concerns, provide real-time convenience, and earn leads to take customer engagement offline to seal the deal.

You may have a detailed, thorough website, but it’s quality customer care that will help you gain (and keep) customers. Live Chat enables you to be there in the moment – no lines, no waiting.

Get them talking, build their interest, and keep them engaged online and off with Live Chat.

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