June 30, 2015

Social Media Day 2015: Get Social!

Happy Social Media Day! It’s 2015 and social media is no longer just that thing the kids are doing. Assuming you’re the savvy business owner you are, you’re already on social media. But are you really taking advantage of all that these digital platforms can do for you? From Facebook to Snapchat and blogging in between, study up on your social skills and you’ll be prepared to take the digital world by storm this year....
June 28, 2015

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June 25, 2015

Are Facebook Beacons Good for Small Business Marketing?

Social media companies are doing everything they can to help businesses promote their products and services to potential customers. The world’s largest social media company, Facebook, […]
June 25, 2015
How to Use Hashtag Marketing to Grow Your Business

How to Use Hashtag Marketing to Grow Your Business

You have probably seen hashtags used on various platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest. But what are hashtags and why do businesses use them? Hashtags are […]
June 25, 2015

In the News: A Mobilegeddon Recap

Remember “Mobilegeddon”? Back in April of this year, Google rolled out an algorithm update that shook website owners to the core. This update was expected to have significant impacts on any websites that didn’t meet Google’s newest standards. It struck fear in the hearts of the SEO community. But what really happened after the April 21st roll-out? Did it really have that great of an impact?...
June 23, 2015
rebranding process rebranding a company

Rebranding Process: Considerations for Rebranding a Company

Sometimes it seems like companies change logos and names as often as their CEO’s change shirts— and sometimes the change is disorienting for the customer or […]