December 28, 2012

12 Social Media Headlines of ‘12

As 2012 draws to a close, it’s nice to take a step back and reflect on the last year. Much has changed in the digital world in the last 12 months, most notably the shift in marketing focus to social media. We asked our illustrious Social Media Manager to take us back through the top Social stories from this year...
December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from Propel!

'Tis the season to be merry and celebrate the good things in life - good friends, good family, and good food! We hope you sit back and relax this holiday season and enjoy the little things that make life wonderful. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! -- The team at Propel
December 20, 2012

5 Digital New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business

As the holidays come and go and we kick off the New Year, it’s time to start evaluating your marketing efforts. Consider it a clean slate. You may have worked with digital marketing in the past with little or great success, or this digital world might be completely new to you, but it doesn’t matter. Start off the year on the right foot with some digital resolutions, and you can look forward to a very successful 2013....
December 18, 2012
Website Analytics Confusion

6 Actions to Take Based On Your Website Analytics

Many business owners either feel intimidated by website analytics or they look at the analytics and don’t know what actions to take based on the data. […]
December 14, 2012
Generate phone calls from your AdWords campaigns

How to Generate Phone Calls from AdWords

Your business has a website, and you’re advertising online.  You have a form on your website that is collecting lead information from the people who visit, […]
December 12, 2012

Is Your Website Costing You Customers?

Most businesses know that their customers remember bad experiences much more than good experiences, and this truth also applies to customers visiting a business’ website. You can test this yourself by answering the following questions: 1. When was the last time a website left a lasting positive impression on you? 2. And when was the last time you were frustrated by a website? Most people struggle to think of a positive experience, but can easily recall a negative experience from...
December 4, 2012

What Smartphones Can Do For Your Business

As you walk around today, you constantly see people on their phones. They are on the go, talking, texting, posting pictures, etc. What you may not realize is that they are running their whole business through their phone. It can be difficult for small business owners to keep up with rapidly changing technology, but one thing that all business owners “must have” is a smart phone. These days, owning a business and owning a smartphone go hand in hand...
December 3, 2012
Wow Moment

Get to the "Wow" With Your Customers

Picture this: Your auto is in need of repair, so you call your local dealership and schedule service. Upon arriving, you enter a spacious and clean […]