• 15 Benefits of Content Marketing

15 Benefits of Content Marketing

‘Content is king’ is a phrase that we’ve all heard, and might even be sick of hearing. You probably know how important content is to the survival of your businesses in the digital age but still, considering the fact that only 9% of B2B marketers consider their content marketing to be effective, and that only 27% of all marketers have a documented content strategy, it becomes very vital to remind ourselves of just the role content plays in the growth of a business. This article will discuss 15 benefits of content marketing, to reinforce the importance of putting time and effort into a content marketing strategy.

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15 Benefits of Content Marketing

1. Better SEO

In the past, “keyword stuffing” was a way to dupe search engines into ranking your page higher in their results. now, search engines like Google have advanced algorithms that allow them to accurately assess content quality. When you produce high-quality content consistently, you give Google more opportunities to put your page in front of people who are searching for topics in your niche. Content marketing benefits your business by improving your SEO and therefore your visibility.

2. Increased Website Traffic

With consistency in delivering great content comes increased website traffic. The more relevant and valuable content you create in your niche, the more people are likely to find your website, and the more likely they are to keep coming back for future questions. The more website traffic and repeat visitors you get, the more your overall website traffic can grow over the long term.

3. More Leads

Have you ever purchased anything without first gathering information on it? Consumers today have access to tools and resources that allow them to make careful purchasing decisions. As such, creating great content is singularly the most powerful way to generate leads for your business. By providing information that offers readers insight into your products or services, you give them the information they need to become a customer.  Content about your products and services as well as about your area of expertise helps to build trust, which helps to generate quality leads for your business.

4. More Sales

Creating content that engages your readers helps to increase your lead conversion, resulting in more sales for your business. Also, given that more and more people are blocking ads on their browsers, content becomes the most vital way of communicating the value that turns readers into buyers. The thing about great content is that it’s non-disruptive and naturally invites members of your target audience to engage with your business.

5. Enhanced Brand Image

Good brands often earn the respect of consumers before they even make a purchase, simply through the quality of their content. In this age of globalization, brand image is everything, and content facilitates brand image. With great content, you put yourself in control of your business’s reputation and brand identity.

6. Greater Brand Authority

As mentioned above, it’s the age of globalization. Thanks to social media and other online developments leveling the playing field, one business in a small town can actually be competing with thousands of other businesses all over the world. With so many businesses vying for the audience’s attention, it takes an established footprint through great content to actually win the audience. People are going to be more receptive to a brand they’ve read about than to one about which they have no prior information.

7. Increased Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is the bullseye. Content helps you gain customers first by converting readers to first-time buyers, and then continues on to influence those first-time buyers to become repeat customers. Over time, content helps you cultivate among your customers an affinity to your brand and a preference for yours over your competitors.

8. More Brand Visibility

There are millions of businesses striving to be seen by customers online. The only way to stand out from other businesses and establish your brand as the go-to in a niche is by regularly interacting with your audience through great content. The more you address the concerns of your audience through content, the more they see your brand and recognize you as an expert and thought leader in your niche.

9. Stronger Social Media Following

People will share your content if it solves a problem or satisfies a need.  When a reader finds your content helpful, they share that content others who might find it useful and before you know it, you gain more followers on social media who are eager to listen to what you’re saying.

10. Improved Customer Relationships

Customer relationships have always been important, but are even more important in the digital age because several people rely on the opinion of other people to make purchase decisions. Content is a great way to address the needs of your customers and tackle any form of issues they might be having with your product or services. Use FAQ pages, blog posts, and other online resources to provide a superior experience for customers, who won’t be able to help themselves from spreading the word about your business.

11. Increased Audience Engagement

If your business wants to survive, you must treat your audience not as a passive part of your business but as active stakeholders in the future of it. Brands that realize this use content as a way of engaging their readers. In fact, many businesses have been able to avoid unsuccessful marketing campaigns and product launches by engaging their audience and seeking their opinions.

12. Better Brand Recognition

Have you ever Googled a product and clicked on a website even though it wasn’t the first item in search results? Chances are, you clicked on that website because you’ve seen or heard about it before. Content is one of the best ways to make your brand so familiar that buyers in your niche are naturally drawn to you when they’re searching for solutions in your niche. As buyers are becoming more careful about what they purchase, content is a great way to maintain top-of-mind status with audiences in your niche.

13. More Brand Credibility

Reviews and testimonials are one of the most popular forms of content among people looking to make a purchase decision. People want to know about your brand and how it has helped others before committing their money. One great way to convey your value and reduce risk for your audience is by sharing insightful and honest content about your products/services through testimonials.

14. Faster Lead Conversion

If you’re an online marketer, you’ve most likely come across the term ‘sales funnel’. A sales funnel is basically a graphic representation of the steps involved in converting interested prospects into buyers. Often the sales funnel involves lots of steps and activities, some of which are painstakingly slow. One of the best ways to speed up sales funnel activities and convert more leads is through highly targeted content. Crafting content that is relevant to your prospective buyers will help them make up their minds faster.

15. Supportive of All Online Marketing Channels and Activities

Aligning all your marketing activities and channels can be a tough call, especially with the number of channels and activities that go into marketing today. Content acts as the glue that binds each channel and activity together to grow your business. It’s a great tool for ensuring that your marketing messages and goals are in sync all the time.

These benefits of content marketing aren’t exhaustive in any way. However, they’re enough to help you understand why the cliché ‘content is king’ will remain one of the most relevant phrases in the world of digital marketing. Still, you can only reap the benefits of content by delivering relevant and valuable information consistently to audiences in your niche.

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