• 11 Email Marketing Tips to Drive up Your Lead Conversion

Many businesses do well at generating leads, but it can’t just stop there. Your leads need to be carried further down your funnel. The question then becomes: how does one convert these leads into actual paying customers? A crucial tool for turning leads into customers is email marketing. As such, this post will go over 12 ways to use email marketing to drive up lead conversion.

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Email Marketing Tips to Drive Up Your Lead Conversion

Ways to Use Email Marketing to Increase Your Lead Conversion

1.  Create Clear Calls to Actions

Never assume that your lead will act by just reading an email. Create unambiguous and succinct calls to action. Also, make sure you limit the number of calls to action in your email (to even just one). You do not want to give your readers the mental task of deciding which one to act on, as they might just abandon making a decision altogether.

2.  Stick to a Schedule

Sending fewer emails irregularly is a recipe for increased unsubscribes. Your prospective customers are most likely to forget you if they don’t hear from you frequently and regularly. Make sure to send emails regularly and consistently, though not in a spammy way. This is exactly where automation can come in handy.

3.  Add Value

Offering valuable content is one way to build trust and earn an image of competence in the minds of your leads. Why should they choose you over your competitors, when the information you’re providing is interesting and of use to them?

4.  Keep Testing

Ever heard of A/B testing? With your email campaign, it could be as simple as testing which title works best for your subscribers.  Most ESPs have such capabilities. Test your subject lines, format, and time of send. When you get the one that works for you, stick to it but be sure to reassess regularly to ensure the best results.

5.  Use Email Automation

Email automation is king now, as far as online marketing is concerned. This will help you keep in touch with your subscribers with less effort from you. It also works very well for your prospects at various conversion stages. With email automation, you can tailor your emails for the different sales funnel stages of your leads.

6.  Segment

Segmentation in email marketing can be done using an infinite number of criteria including gender, purchasing preferences and so on. The idea behind this is to distinguish the onlookers from those willing to make purchases. With this information, you can then cater your content to the needs and preferences of each segment.

7.  Get More Personal

No one likes being addressed as a part of the crowd. Using personalization, such as with first names in your emails, is a good place to start. Appealing to their preferences is also a great way to get personal. Always be thinking about creative ways to get more personal information from your leads. Offering incentives for more information is one great way to go about this.

8.  Create a Nurturing Campaign

Think of information about your product or related information that you think your prospects will be interested in and create content based on that. Find out what will help your prospects move along the sales funnel faster and implement it. Tailoring your email to meet the specific needs of your leads at a particular sales stage is critical to converting them to customers.

9.  Use Multi Pronged-Attack

This is a military term for a situation when an army attacks its enemies from more than one direction. With regard to email marketing, it means use all of the tools at your disposal. In this case, combine email and every other marketing channel to drive up the impact of your emails. For example, promote your social media accounts in your email newsletters, and encourage email subscribers through your social media channels.

10. Make Purchasing as Easy as Possible

You can’t be sure when your prospects will decide to make that purchase, but you can make it easy to act when they do. For product-specific emails, include a purchase call to action button. Also, make sure your landing page is simple and painless. Best practices for landing pages include eliminating unnecessary form fields and providing easy-to-digest information.

11. Include Reviews and Testimonials

Prospective customers are often times more receptive to what other customers have to say about your business than what you have to say about it. Don’t be afraid to include customer testimonials and reviews in your emails.

Unconverted leads have not committed to your business.The great thing about these techniques is that they can be adapted to non-email marketing techniques as well. Use these tips to convert your email readers and other leads faster, so they can discover the benefits of business sooner.

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