• 12 Days of Social: Know about your #hashtags


This holiday season, the Propel Marketing Social Media Team is bringing you all you need to know about Social Media! Stay tuned for great tips and fun facts every day from now ’til Christmas! 

On the eighth day of Christmas,

my Social Media Manager said to me:

“Know about your #hashtags”

Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke have shown us what happens when hashtags go wild, but properly harnessing the power of that little symbol can pay big dividends.

Hashtags can be used to help index and link social media posts on similar topics or categories (i.e., #football, #politics, #smallbusiness). Using hashtags allows you to take part in a larger conversation, be found by a targeted audience, or even expand your own personal brand – all goals that are part of creating a dynamic, engaging, and ultimately successful social media strategy.

If your customer base mostly consists of other businesses, including the hashtag “#B2B” is an easy way to be found by like-minded folk. You can also search “#socialmedia” to scan what others are saying about their social media strategies.

There are some caveats, however, when it comes to the use of hashtags. A good rule-of-thumb is to never use more than 3 hashtags in one post (#goodadvice #socialmedia #engagement #rightpath #12DaysofSocial #B2B).

Hashtags should be simple, and never more than a word or two long, or else they become confusing. (Think #buynow vs. #buynowsupplieswontlastonepercustomer).

Finally, some studies suggest that hashtags shouldn’t be used universally across all social media platforms. While hashtags drive engagement on Twitter, for example, their use may actually decrease engagement on Facebook.   

Remember, by creating your own hashtag, and making it specific to an event or product, you are helping expand your brand. Find out more about this series through Propel Marketing’s own hashtag: #12DaysOfSocial


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