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This holiday season, the Propel Marketing Social Media Team is bringing you all you need to know about Social Media! Stay tuned for great tips and fun facts every day from now ’til Christmas! 

On the eleventh day of Christmas,

my Social Media Manager said to me:

“Keep on responding”

Treat your social networks as you would a personal conversation. When someone asks you a question or makes a comment, respond promptly. Responding to your fans and followers gives your company a “human” feel and shows that you care. Here are some important tips to follow when responding:

1.) Time is of the Essence

It is very important to respond in a timely manner. This will show your followers that you are on your social media game. It may even give them a little “wow” factor because some companies, if not most, don’t respond right away. And, when you respond immediately, you have the chance to engage that person in a conversation because there is a very good chance that they are still online!

2.) Make it Personal

When you have a comment to respond to, make sure you respond directly to that person, tagging them in your response so they will be notified. Respond in a manner that is light and friendly but also straightforward. You don’t want frustrate your customers.

3.) Don’t Delete, Keep!

Negative comments can be discouraging but they need a response. If you receive a bad review or a negative comment, don’t delete it! Be sure to respond politely and concisely to the user. Say something like, “We’re sorry you had a negative experience. Please give us a call so we can make this right!” Be sure to leave an accurate phone number. The goal is to take the conversation off the social network and onto a private means of communication, like phone, email or direct message.


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