• 12 Days of Social: Choose your words carefully


This holiday season, the Propel Marketing Social Media Team is bringing you all you need to know about Social Media! Stay tuned for great tips and fun facts every day from now ’til Christmas! 

On the fourth day of Christmas,

my Social Media Manager said to me:

“Choose your words carefully”

Do not hit send! I repeat, do not hit send! Look at what you are about to post. What may be casual or everyday speak in your day-to-day life at work may be gibberish to a potential customer.

Everyone from auto mechanics to store clerks to marketing professionals have a jargon that is known and accepted at the job site. Your acronyms and industry terms are great for your work environment and provide you with an efficient way to communicate with your coworkers, but your audience on Social Media is not made up of industry experts!

Layman’s terms are always best on Social Media. Explain things and use words that anyone can understand. If you use words or language people don’t relate to, they’ll find someone else who speaks to them in a way they can understand.


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