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This holiday season, the Propel Marketing Social Media Team is bringing you all you need to know about Social Media! Stay tuned for great tips and fun facts every day from now ’til Christmas! 

On the tenth day of Christmas,

my Social Media Manager said to me:

“Always check your timing”

One of the most frequently asked questions about social media is “what is the best time to post?” That’s easy – when your audience is online and checking whatever platform you are posting to!

Okay, not so easy. Unfortunately, there is no steadfast rule on when you should post to your social media sites. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; everyone’s audience and social media platforms are different, but not all is lost! There are ways to figure out the best time for YOU to post.


If you have not been consistently posting to your social sites, it’s time to experiment to find out when your audience is (a) online and (b) engaging with your posts.

Start with the latest, general advice for when the best time to post on your specific network(s) is. This will give you a basic idea of what days and times the networks are most active which you can then use to test on your own community. Try posting at the suggested highest traffic times and days, and conversely, the lower traffic times. Testing different times and days will help you gain the metrics you need to find the optimal posting times for your community.

Review your metrics

Once you have you been consistently posting to your social media sites, you will have the answers you’re  looking for – just  take a look at your metrics!

Use tools, such as Facebook Insights, which will tell you when your followers are online and when they are interacting with you. For Facebook, Story Bump, EdgeRank and the sheer volume of posts in your follower’s newsfeeds has made timing more important than ever. Posting when your audience is online and active will help bump up your story and optimize its reach.

Don’t forget to also take a look at your post activity! What times and days do you get the best community engagement? This includes things like shares, comments, retweets, +1s and Likes. Sometimes the time of day when the majority of your community is online is not necessarily the time they are actively engaging.

Repeat, observe and adjust

Continue to test, observe and analyze your audience and then adjust your timing strategy for your posts. Things change, your audience will be growing and you need to grow with them. Staying in the conversation when your audience is online and active will help you to strengthen your community and your brand.

Timing is an art and a science, so experiment with it and have fun while optimizing your reach at the same time!


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