• 10 Ways to Increase Sales for Your eCommerce Business

10 Ways to Increase Sales for Your Ecommerce Business

Your website is the home of your business. In this post, we are going to break down ten ways to help you get more sales from your ecommerce site.

10 Ways to Increase Sales for Your Ecommerce Business

1. Make Sure The Checkout Process is Easy Across All Devices

In the United States alone, mobile sales made up 34.5% of all e-commerce sales in 2017 (Source: Statista). This means you can no longer exclude mobile shopping and the mobile accessibility of your checkout process. Make sure your website is easy to access on both mobile and desktop/laptop devices. If the checkout process is difficult on mobile, you may miss out on many e-commerce sales.

2. Recover Abandoned Carts

People are busy and forgetful. Sometimes they have a cart full of items they are ready to purchase, but life gets in the way of hitting the buy button. Setting up emails to remind website visitors about their carts will help to recover what would be otherwise be lost customers. You may even want to offer a one-time use coupon when they get their abandoned cart emails.

3. Use Gift Cards

Your customers may want to purchase from you, but your options may be overwhelming, or they may want to gift your services and products to a friend. A gift card option will allow them to take their time when it comes to purchasing from your store so they can make the best decision on how to spend their money.

4. Frequently Bought Together Or You May Also Like

Increase the value of your website by offering a “Frequently Bought Together” or “You May Also Like” feature. You can set this up on your website algorithmically, saving you the time and labor. It’s a simple technique to get your customers to buy more items by showing them related items or services in your store.

5. Isolate Or Enclose Your Checkout Page

When someone is in the checkout process, you need to lock down your page a bit. Show only the bare necessities and none of the random products, banners, and links that your regular website showcases. When you strip down your checkout page, you make it harder for people to get sidetracked, and you point their attention to the essential thing: checking out.

6. Offer An Exit Intent Coupon

A fantastic way to turn more website visitors into customers is with an exit intent coupon. Exit intent popups show up when a user’s mouse is getting ready to click off your page. You can tie this exit intent coupon to an email address and then have the coupon pop up as soon as they enter their email. Most exit intent coupons are anywhere from 10-25% off. Whatever number you use, make sure that you still make enough to make a profit on the product or break even.

7. Tone Down Your Options & Offerings

It may seem like having pages of options on your website draws people in, but it is bad for conversions. When you are building your customer base, it’s better to have a few options (or at least a filtering option on your page) than a million options for your customers to choose from.

According to Psychology Today, when you have too many options, it can put your decision-making into a paralysis. In this state, you either chose to purchase nothing at all, or you frustratedly decide to buy something. You want your customer’s purchasing process to be a breeze, not something they have dreaded.

8. Monitor Your Site For Frustration Points

With the use of heat maps, you can usually identify things that create frustration with your customers. There are many websites like HotJar and Mouseflow that hook up to your site, so you see how people use it. These sites can show you where people are frustrated or just leaving your site. Having these tools at your disposal can be very beneficial for you as you build the customer experience side of your website.

9. Provide Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service creates return customers. When you take the time to respond to emails, phone calls, and chat messages, you establish trust in your company. Providing all of this in a reasonable time will make your company worth talking about. Don’t let a quick question you could answer in five minutes stop you from making money. Once you start seeing the same issues, you may want to create a frequently asked questions page on your website that answers those questions once so you won’t have to respond to them as many times later on.

10. Create A Money Back Guarantee

Most people will never use your money back guarantee, but having one will increase confidence in your products and services.

You may want to include some extra caveats to redeeming the money back guarantee. For example, if you sell courses, you may want to say that they must show a good-faith effort in trying the class before they say they are dissatisfied.

Another caveat is time. Limiting your money back guarantee to 30 or 60 days will stop you from having to give money back one or two years after a purchase was made.

Pleasing your customers, making small tweaks to your website, and finding ways to bring your products to them will help make sure that you get more customers from your website. These ten simple tips are crucial for you as a site owner if you want your website to succeed.


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