• 10 Ways to Connect with Your Customers Through Email

10 Ways to Connect with Your Customers through Email

There are many reasons to use email marketing for your business—you have full ownership of your relationships, and you can use it to create lifelong customers for your brand. In this post, we discuss how to do just that—get more customers from your email marketing efforts.

10 Ways to Connect with Your Customers through Email


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1. Offer A Limited-Time Discount

A limited-time discount or coupon is a fantastic way to get your email list to turn a profit right away. This can be done in the form of a low-ticket item or a discount on your next purchase that’s displayed or sent while the customer waits for a confirmation email.

Your offer can be a course, a physical product, an eBook, or whatever you would like it to be. You offer this low-ticket item at a reasonable price or at a discount from what the price is typically, but you only provide it for a limited time. Once the time has expired, the item returns to its original price.

Limited-time discounts can help your business grow, and it’s a great way to take your email list to the next level.

2. Offer Exclusive Coupons And Deals

Exclusivity sells, and so do coupons and deals. You don’t want to discount your brand with excessive coupons every week, but you may want to share some great deals every few months with your email list. Make sure these are more significant discounts than they might get from just following you on social media. If you usually offer the public a 10% off coupon, provide your email list a 20% off coupon. Make the deal sweeter so they are more likely to purchase.

3. Use A Countdown Strategically

A countdown is helpful in your promotional emails because it creates a sense of urgency. When you want your audience to make a decision quickly, use a timer to let them know they need to act fast. For example, when you are sending out an exclusive deal, you may want to share a real-time countdown in the email to let them know the deal will not last forever.

4. Create Consistent Emails

Consistency is critical when it comes to email marketing best practices. You want to email your list at least once a week, and ideally at the same time. Consistency keeps your company top of mind when it comes to your email list subscribers. They may not need your products and services now, but consistent emails will make sure that you come to mind when they need your services.

5. Segment Your List So You Can Reach Out To The Best Customers

Segmenting your list is an excellent way to reach your best customers consistently. You may want to provide people who have purchased from you recently a great deal on a physical or digital product or service that you don’t offer your main list. Segmenting your email list will allow you to send your sales messages to the people who will most likely to respond to them.

6. Create A Welcome Series

Your welcome series can serve a few purposes:

  • Introduce your audience to your brand/store
  • Get your audience to know, like, and trust your brand
  • Preps your audience for the sale of a product
  • Guarantees your audience has the necessary skills to understand your teachings
  • Segments your audience

Whatever the purpose of your welcome series, your customers can get to know you better, which makes them more likely to purchase your products and come back for more.

7. Use Your Email Provider’s Personalization Features

People love to see their name. If your email provider gives you the option to address recipients by name, use it. Just make sure that when you are collecting leads, you include a name form field, or that you’re inputting the first names when you load a list, so you can use this feature properly.

8. Automate Your Responses In A Friendly Way

This idea is geared toward the leads that pop up in your inbox. You want to automate your answers to these leads, but in a personable way, such as setting up an autoresponder informing your lead of your average response time. You may also want to include some helpful links that answer your most frequently asked questions.

An autoresponder will help give you more time to answer questions and let your potential lead know that you are not ignoring them. Having an autoresponder will help make sure that you don’t have to be tied to your email all day to have a successful business.

9. Utilize Any A/B Testing Capabilities

You can A/B test many things like subject lines for a single email or the body text of an entire email series depending on your email software. Before you send out emails to your full list, try segmenting your list and serving them emails to see how they react to them.

You want to avoid sending test emails to the most active or least active segments of your email list. Instead, go for the middle, because if your emails work for them, they may work for your other groups as well with some minor tweaks.

10. Keep Your Emails Focused

It’s so easy to have a million calls to action in an email, such as

  • Click this link
  • Sign up for this course
  • Follow us on social
  • Tell your friends about us

This list can go on for a while. Instead of sharing all your CTAs in one email, keep it focused. You want to create valuable emails, but you don’t want to clutter them with too many things to do. Don’t sidetrack your reader from the primary purpose of your email—sales.

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