• 10 Things Your Small Business Can Tweet About Today

Twitter ChecklistWhen it comes to Twitter, one of the problems most small business owners face is “what do I tweet about?”  It’s a good question.  You’re busy running your business and that means creating content isn’t always easy. You know you should be on Twitter, you know there are a lot of potential customers to connect with, but what do you say?  Fear not, here are 10 things you can tweet about today.

1. What are you doing?

It seems obvious, but try sharing what you or your business are working on that day. Working on an exciting new project? Off visiting a client? Restocking from a fresh shipment of product?  Keep the confidential parts to yourself, but feel free to share the rest.

2. Attending any events?

Networking events, trade shows, conventions, fares, etc.  If your business is going to have a presence there, tweet it!  Current and potential customers want to meet you and talk with you.  Talk about what special events you’ll be at and encourage people to come say “hi”.

3. Industry news

Any recent or upcoming changes to your industry?  New laws?  Revolutionary discoveries or products?  Keep your customers in the loop and tweet about it.  Find a link to an article about it and include it in your tweet.

4. Interesting articles

You probably spend some time each week looking at news stories or blog articles about your industry.  If you stumble across something interesting or insightful, share the link with your followers.

5. Retweet

Your business’ Twitter account should be following other people with similar businesses. When one of them tweets something great, retweet them.  They’ll appreciate the gesture, and your followers will get some great tweets in their timeline.

6. Blog posts

If you’re blogging for your business (you should be) then every time you post a new article to your blog, make sure you announce it on Twitter.  You’ll pick up some traffic from people who might not even know you have a blog.

7. Company events

Holiday parties, summer outings, community outreach and more should all be tweeted. Let people know what kind of company you are.  You’ll help put a face to your business and maybe even attract new potential employees.

8. Start a discussion

Try asking your followers their opinion on a hot topic in your industry.  Retweet some of the responses you get and encourage discussion.  Get people talking and excited about what you do, and they’ll get excited about you too.

9. Join a discussion

Look for what others are talking about and join in.  Share your opinions, retweet good replies, avoid heated arguments and encourage more discussion.  Just like the last idea, getting people talking and excited and you’ll be seen as an authority.

10. Special deals… Sometimes

You may have noticed that the first 9 ideas in this list don’t ask anyone to buy anything. We’ve blogged before about the right way for businesses to use Twitter, and part of that is using social media to be… social.  Don’t just tweet coupons and sales and deals and whatever other sales gimmicks you can think of.  You’re here to engage people, not just sell.  That said, now and then it’s ok to make your followers a special offer.

There you have it, 10 things you can tweet about today.  Keep this list handy and refer to it any time you need some inspiration for your Twitter account.  There are no more excuses, so get out there and tweet!

Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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